Way back in June I asked that you Get at me on Twitter, a new service from the creator of Blogger. In a nutshell, Twitter is a for of social networking that one can do from their cell phone and have it broadcast to anyone who subscribes to your list. These messages are called Twits.

I think the service appealed to me because I could send short messages from my cell phone, via text messaging, and have them appear here using the Twitter applet that was once installed in the right sidebar. The problem was no one cared, it bored me and I just couldn’t explain what the service was well enough, partly because I don’t think there is a big enough market for it.

That said, If you are on my Twitter list, don’t expect to get any messages from me, sorry. I’ve long since deleted the number from my cell and have no intentions of logging into the site again. If you have a passionate reason why I should give it a second look, by all means share it with me. This is one social networking service that I don’t see catching on in mass.