Contest time!  We haven’t run a contest in awhile so when the opportunity came up to review and give out an i2i Stream 2-pack I jumped at it.  These little buggers can transmit audio wirelessly from just about any device and broadcast it through any device.  So, if you have a laptop full of music on your dining room table and you want to play sound from it through your home audio system that is in your living room, simply plug in one unit to the laptop and the other to your home audio system, i2i Stream takes care of the rest.  What else can you do with them?  Say you are going on a long road trip and two of you want to listen to the same music from an iPod or similar mp3 player but one person is in the front seat and the other is in the back.  Plug one i2i Stream into the iPod and give the other to the person with just headphones, the music will now stream between the two!

There are lots of applications for this product, anything that makes sound and anything that receives sound can use them.  How good does it really work?  Check out the perfect 5-star rating they get from people who have used them on  Point is, these are really cool, and worth over $100! For the best home audio experience try connecting this device with a home speaker system that truly delivers.

The rules.  For this contest, I will be giving you four ways to earn entries, I will then choose at random one entry and email that winner at the end of the contest.  The more entries you earn, the more chances you have to win.  You will have 24 hours to reply, if they do not, I will at random pull another name and keep going until someone wins.

  1. Leave a comment to this article with your favorite Band / Album / Artist.  Earn 1 entry
  2. Make a bulletin post on MySpace about this contest.  Make sure you are friends with me first, make the bulletin post describing the contest and a link back to this article, then send me a message via MySpace notifying me to look for the bulletin.  Once I verify the bulletin, you will earn 2 entries.  You can only earn these 2 entries once, although mor bulletin posts are encouraged.
  3. Subscribe to the Email Newsletter and activate your subscription (sign up under the orange RSS icon at the top left of this site).  Non-activated subscriptions will not be counted.  If you already subscribe to the email newsletter you are already entered!  Earn 5 entries
  4. Make a blog post on your own blog, LiveJournal, MySpace, Vox or almost any other website about this contest, i2i Stream, and a link back to this article about the contest.  Earn 8 entries.  You may only do this once.

Your sample bulletin post on MySpace and / or blog could look something like this:

Mike Panic of is giving away an i2i Stream valued at over $100 and I’m trying to win it.  The i2i Stream will allow me to stream music wirelessly and this is something I seriously want to do.  By making this bulletin post / blog post I’ve earned 2 / 8 entries in the contest and you can do the same by entering here: http://www.blogpostgoes

If you do all 4 items you could earn 16 entries to the contest. Contest will end Midnight EST November 15th, 2008.

Bonus: First person to submit this article to will get an additional 5 entries.  You can earn 1 additional entry by digging this article after the first person has dugg it.

Bonus 2: First person to submit this article to StumbleUpon will get an additional 5 entries.  You can earn 1 additional entry by stumbling this page after the first person has and leaving a comment / review on it.

Fine print.  Winner must live in the lower 48 states and / or have a US mailing address (so yes, if you are in the military I can ship to you no problem).  Winner will take a photo of themselves with their new product and email it to me (pretty please?) to use in a follow up article.  Not required but really encouraged of the winner, write a review of how you like the product once you’ve had a chance to use it.  Your article will be published here on Randomn3ss with a link back to your personal site / blog / MySpace / etc.

Update: If you live in Canada, check out this contest.