In terms of politics, I am kind of a limp noodle.  I know I don’t take enough interest at the local level, where my vote really makes a difference and for the most part I’m pretty happy with the neighborhood I live in and the taxes are pretty fair, roads are in decent shape and quality of life is above the country average.  While I did vote for Obama in 2008 and follow him on Twitter for random updates, this morning’s tweets really pissed me off. I’m aware that he rarely writes them himself, however his campaign does and that’s where my anger is directed for flaunting these numbers, but all politicians are guilty of this.

Barack Obama Twitter

A minute later this was also tweeted:

If you follow me on Twitter you’ve probably already ready my reply.  Some quick math says that 98% of $29.1m is $28,518,000, divide that by $250 is 114,072 people, but it’s probably far more contributors since the tweet indicates or less.

What angers me most is that in my purely speculative and totally unscientific opinion, the vast majority of those who contributed to the Obama 2012 campaign don’t donate on a local level, help out a charity or donate time to a soup kitchen.  Furthermore, if money can be raised this quickly, why can’t we raise money to fund further research for cancer, AIDS, feed the hungry people in this country or maybe rebuild New Orleans.  We have recess, music and art programs being yanked from schools for lack of funding but more than 114,000 people have $250 to donate to a presidential campaign?  Please, tell me why!

As soon as I read this it reminded me one of the great rants ever happen on MSNBC:


That pretty much sums up how I feel.  I understand that large corporations and conglomerates donate beyond large sums of money so that they can have a say, or to buy a seat in the white house with some position or other, and that ultimately is where most of the corruption is.  What truly dumbfounds me is what you think you’re getting from a $250 donation and why you didn’t choose to spend it somewhere locally, where it may have more of an impact.