A few days ago something amazing happened, as if the stars in the sky aligned, something useful came of Twitter for me.  I’ve had a pretty well documented love / hate relationship with the micro-blogging service for a year or so now, this is truly one of the most positive experiences in that time and I’m going to share with you what went down.

A friend of mine (remaining nameless because they have their tweets protected and I respect that) made a tweet about post processing digital files.  I replied with,

Shortly after that tweet I got an email notifying me that @TheLightroomLab was following me.  Now, I’m only speculating here, but I’m willing to bet that they found me using the Search function on Twitter and the term Lightroom (Adobe Photoshop Lightroom – photo editing software).  Fair enough, let’s have a look at them and see if maybe I want to in turn, follow their tweets.

First thing I do when looking at someone whom I don’t know but has started to follow me is run down their recent tweets and visit their website, if they have one linked.  Most of @TheLightroomLab’s tweets seemed to be directly answering other Twitter users questions about Lightroom and a pretty well put together website confirmed this.  Let’s see if they can help me with a little issue I’ve been curious about for a while, here’s how the near instant tweets went down.

By this poin I obviously started to follow them.  It was to my delight that the very next day, on TheLightroomLab.com this amazing tutorial with screenshots and video was published on the short topic we discussed via Twitter.  What’s more amazing is that this cost me, the consumer, nothing.  Scott, owner of TLL does make money (I’m assuming) with affiliate ads and similar on his site, so he does get a great piece of content that hopefully others can use and learn from, but it cost me nothing out of my pocket.  Scott also gained me as an RSS subscriber to his site and Twitter follower, in addition to this post which is promoting both.

This is how social networking should happen.  Like-minded people exchanging ideas and concepts on an open and level playing field.  Scott, again I’d like to thank you for taking the time to write a tutorial on something I needed to learn and kudos on having an extremely well put together site.