When your average American thinks about fast food the first thought likely to come to mind is McDonald’s. It’s certainly not that appetizing to the ever growing Vegan population though. Recently, Veggie Bite, the first Vegan fast food restaurant, opened a location in Chicago, a total shock! Americans live off junk food dining since the early 50’s when TV dinners first came onto the market. It’s quick and easy, can you blame our society? We are always looking for faster and cheaper, the better part often falls to the waste side.

The question is, is this a change in people’s habits? This restaurant would lead you to think that people are starting to question their lifestyles. This should especially be true with movies like “Super Size Me” and “Fast Food Nation“. Can you imagine a country where everything you eat is made from Tofu, wheat, soy beans amongst many other natural ingredients? These ingredients are cheaper and more plentiful to produce then most livestock and have many of the same nutritional values as their meat counterparts. However, a few movies might not change people’s opinions or their tastes buds. Most people who don’t have an open mind have plenty of excuses when it comes to trying vegetarian and vegan food. The fact is nothing tastes like meat, except well, meat. With that thought, it would take a lot more than just a few Vegan fast food restaurants to change society’s preferences.

California would be the next most likely place to get a Veggie Bite chain. The people out West generally have a better consciousness of what they put into their bodies, have more access to organic food and more then a few people would be beaming with happiness to see an all natural, all vegan fast food restaurant.