Although we, as a blogging entity, write about things that are of personal interest, generally isn’t a forum for personal thoughts and feelings. I mean, this isn’t a diary. However, I’m going to divert from the norm and use this space as a forum to send a HUGE BIG THANK YOU to those of you who have been supportive of myself as a writer and Randomn3ss in general over the past couple weeks.

To bring some of you up to speed, I was recently fired from my job for, basically, posting a blog on this site. It has since been taken down because I received a rather threatening comment from a source close to the company that was a blatant and libelous personal attack. Many people, including lawyers, have read my post and considered it innocuous, albeit vitriolic. But that’s not the point – in the state of PA, a private company doesn’t need to give you a reason for releasing you from your job, so there’s really nothing I can do (plus, uh, I don’t really want that job back) . I do plan to repost the original blog on here, with a detailed response, and an outline of blogger’s rights and the true definitions of libel and slander, neither of which apply to my original post (according to law sources and my own research).

In the meantime, I need to thank those of you who have sent emails or come up to me and shown your support for me and the First Amendment. First off – Mike Panic, LO, and all the other contributors to this site – thank you for offering whatever help you could and encouraging me to keep writing. Thank you to the staff at Grape Street, my friends in Stillicide, the regular Thursday night GS/WMMR crew (mostly especially Jaxon, who gave me not only incredibly sound advice & concert tickets, but is like the big brother I never expected, but now am stuck with forever). Thanks to Ryan and everyone at City Sports, especially for getting me hours the SAME DAY that I lost my job. Thanks to Vern and the crew at Origivation Magazine, who have welcomed me on staff and support the cause of Freedom of Speech.

Most of all, thanks to my mom who has been cool as hell and assured me that things happen for a reason and she’s not disappointed in me. I mean, I guess if you have to be a “martyr” for something, why not for the freedom to say what you want? It’s one of the foundations of this country and a freedom that is too often squashed domestically (although we pretend to fight for it abroad). I’m a firm believer that you don’t have to agree with someone’s statements, but you have to respect their right to make them. Thank you to those of you who understand that and who keep on fighting the good fight.