Fonts are a wonderful thing, they allow people with almost no design skill to put some flare on common words.  There are thousands available for free to download and they can be used in virtually any image creation software out there.  Fonts do play an integral role in how a company or service brands themselves though.  Everyone around the world knows the Coca-Cola logo for example and the FedEx logo has a cleverly hidden arrow between the E and X.  If you really want to understand how fonts and typefaces work in advertising, get the movie Helvetica.  It’s a bit geeky how passionate these people are for type, but it will hopefully help explain how important it is in all forms of communications.

Just shy of two years ago I was browsing through one of the best free font sites,, looking for scripty, elegant font to use on a greeting card.  I found it almost instantly with Scriptina, my co-workers all agreed that it would fit the needs very well and the dramatic swooping letters added to the elegance of it.   Now, finding it on dafont is no miracle, I’m sure hundreds of thousands of other people found it before me and I lay no claim to being the first one, but it was the first place I’ve saw it.

Since then, I’ve seen Scriptina used in so many forms of advertising, clothing design, greeting cards and other commercially available mediums that it makes me want to throw up.  My work ultimately decided not to use the card I was working on, but due to it’s really unique style, Scriptina can be seen from a mile away.  I am now giving this once elegant and beautiful font the title of most overused font of 2008.  If you are currently using it, I highly suggest you find something new and fresh, everyone else, their Grandmother and even the kitchen sink are using it.  Your designs are no longer fresh and you will not create a lifelong branded company logo with it.