FlvixWay back in February I showed you how to save YouTube [and other online hosted video] clips painlessly. It is still one of the most popular articles written on Randomn3ss and gets tons of traffic everyday. I can honestly say that it is a service I’ve been using on a more regular basis to create ring tones and load my favorite videos on my video iPod.

Today I came across another site, Flvix, which seems to use the exact same interface and engine as Vixy, which is now open source. Big deal, another site that does the exact same thing I’ve been doing for months now.

That is where it gets a bit interesting. The layout and feel are about the same, Flvix is a bit more stripped down and bare feeling for a site, but the speed is remarkably faster. I’ve noticed that Vixy will throw errors and have trouble resolving YouTube and Google videos. There is no real fix, just keep trying and eventually it goes through. Flvix on the other hand resolved and prepared a random video from YouTube in about five seconds.

My thoughts on the major speed difference probably have to do with two main factors.

  1. Flvix is new; it is not getting hit nearly as hard as the now wildly popular Vixy.
  2. It could be on a faster, more robust server.

Either way, I don’t care, it work and works fast. The site is also (at this time) 100% ad free, simply amazing if you ask me. There isn’t even a donate button on the site, or a contact email. Enjoy it for what it is, if they have a donate option in the future and you like their services, give a little back.