So – for those of us youngin’s who don’t remember when Tool wasn’t a huge rock band (albeit one with a cult following), I give you the following YouTube video.  Think of it as an early Christmas present (kind of kind the Maynard James Keenan who is gagged, bound, and gift wrapped under my tree).  It was recorded at J.C. Dobbs, an old club in Philly, back in 1992.  I am almost positive that I met the cameraman on Thursday night; we were at the WMMR/Project H.O.M.E. benefit at the Khyber.  This guy Michael and I were comparing notes on our concert experiences and he kicked my ass with this one.  It occurred when Maynard had a mohawk-mullet and was able to face the audience because there were… 7 people in it.  Seriously.  Wait until the very end of video because you can disctinctly hear 14 hands clapping.  Anyway, Michael said he had a video camera there and I am guessing that this might be him.  Either way, this is for you, soldier.

And thank you to Mark, bassist for one of the kickassest bands in Philly, for posting this on his MySpace first.