As a child I always enjoyed the game of Monopoly, up until a point where I realized how I could better my odds at winning and the game was really played, i.e., buy everything you land on no matter what.  So now in my [late] 20’s, what would be worth playing with friends that is similar, yet much more twisted?

Pimps and Ho’s is like Monopoly if Jules Winnfield slapped it like a $10 street walker with an open hand.  Yes, it’s an offensive game that degrades women, men and people as a whole.  Aside from that, some of the questions are enough to make you feel just a little bit embarrassed.  The idea of the game is to move around the board on the way to pimp supremacy.  Along the way you will find obstacles and haters that are trying to keep you down.

Some of the cars included are, One of your ho’s lipped off to you, so you bitched-slapped the unruly ho. Pay the clinic $50 for their care, and Take $500 from any rival pimp and send him to the “big house.” No one disrespects you! This clearly isn’t the game you want to play with your kids, but with some adult friends, it could be a blast.  If you do get sent to the big house, you could face some tuff choices, like this one, The warden calls you to his office and makes you whistle Dixie on his skin flute.  You play it like a pro.  He grants you a full pardon.  You’re out of the Big House.

I don’t play video games, I haven’t in almost 15 years, but board games have and always will entertained me.  This game seriously looks like fun and can lead to some interesting side-discussions with the right group of friends.  The goal is to make $1,500 but the man will try to keep you down.  If your girls end up in jail they can’t make you any money until you bail them out and if they fail to pass a health exam, you’ll be out more loot.

The board game retails for $29.99 from the Pimps and Ho’s website, and there are plenty of expansion packs, or you can buy The Whole Wad which includes all 7 of the expansion packs for $69.99.

The best part, I have The Whole Wad to give away!  You’ll get the Pimps and Ho’s board game and all 7 expansion packs, stay tuned for full details on how to enter, they will be posted soon.  If you can’t wait, you can order the game here.