A 60 minute drive and I’m in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia. Talk to anyone who lives there though, and you may here a few of its nicknames, like the city of brotherly shove or Philth-a-delphia. Philly has been and continues to be one of the hardest cities in the country, both with crime and fighting off a bad image. I’ve been making regular trips there since I was about 13 or so and have watched the city grow, change and evolve over time. The destination spot of South Street, which used to be lined up and down with independent stores, small coffee shops and live music on the streets has been over-run by corporate chain stores and eateries in the last 5 years or so. Most of the clubs I used to go to and work in even as little as 4 years ago that used to line Delaware Ave are gone, but this is bound to happen any city. Even so, Philadelphia has a new challenge among themselves to deal with.

Philadelphia has the ugliest people in the country, according to Travel & Leisure Magazine. Of the 25 major American cities ranked by citizen attractiveness, Philadelphia finished dead-last.

While I searched the net for the original article from T&L and couldn’t come up with it, Philly.com, where the above quote is from, has some great reactions from Philadelphians who feel jaded, especially when compared to the number one city, Miami. What can you expect from a city that is famous for cheese steaks, cream cheese and Tastykakes.