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Randomn3ss Refreshed

Thirty-nine months ago I launched this project known as Randomn3ss.  The sole intention was to use this site as a platform to rant, rave, give reviews, complain and write about anything I wanted.  A staff of sorts quickly started writing with me and now, this is the 899th article published! During the lifespan and evolution […]

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The complete list of websites to stream full TV shows and movies from

Paying for cable seems so 2008, doesn’t it?  Check out this complete list of sites to legally stream full TV shows and movies from, for free!  Most sites will require either the newest version of Flash or the new Silverlight technology to run them, so if prompted, install those plug-ins.  From my experience, most work […]

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How to list an eBay auction for maximum profit

Over the last 8 years I have been buying and selling items on eBay for myself and more recently, small businesses. In that time I’ve learned a few tricks to help get you maximum profit for your items with just a few tweaks during the listing process. Here is a checklist to go through when […]

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Make money selling digital photos Part I

Title sounds great, doesn’t it? Who doesn’t want to make a little extra cash these days? With the price of digital cameras dropping on what seems to be a daily basis, as seen here, you might as well put yours to some use. For the last 5 years I have been selling royalty free stock […]

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The Cupcake Invasion is Here

For the last few years the Bacon Invasion has been slowly taking over the Internet, well the entire world for that matter.  It’s now at the point where wrapping bacon around bacon that has bacon stuffed inside is kind of a joke, and it’s been done already, twice before.  The trend as of recent is designer cupcakes, being fueled by the TV shows on Food Network and the cupcake trucks running around New York City. The cupcake invasion is now on a whole new level.

Cupcake Flavored ToothpasteCupcake Flavored Toothpaste.  Yes, start your morning off with cupcakes.  If it’s too sweet for you, there is the old standby of Bacon Flavored Toothpaste too.

Make Your Car’s Interior Smell New and Fresh Again in 5 Minutes

I’ve been driving half my life now, being 32 years old and getting my license when I was 16.  One thing I’ve always been keen to do is vehicle maintenance, wanting at one time as a youth to be a mechanic.  What I can’t do myself is usually done by some of my very talented friends, and thankfully none hate me yet when I ask for help.  In my 16 years of driving I’ve also never bought a new car, always a higher mileage used one and the few weeks after purchase are usually followed by routine maintenance because I never trust the seller and want to ensure the car is running up to par.  This is all stuff most garage & driveway mechanics can do themselves.

  • Change oil & filter
  • Adjust tire pressure
  • Fill washer fluid
  • Check all bulbs
  • Check all belts for signs of cracks
  • Replace wiper blades
  • Replace air filter
  • …and on and on

Part of the new-to-me car ritual for myself and many others is the dawning of an air freshener to help cover the smell of rank ass, wet dog or cigarette smoke the previous owner left for you.  I’ve done it myself, standing in the auto parts store or mega box store’s auto section wondering what exactly black ice smells like, or if I am too manly for a clip-on-vent style freshener thus putting me back to the traditional tree section.  There’s a solution for all of this, but it’s in a different isle. Continue reading »

New Year’s Resolutions are Bound for Failure


The world is going to end in a year, so why bother making New Year’s resolutions?  More importantly, why use it as the kick-off for any goals?  A year is 365 days, nothing we do is measured by that number, and we Americans use the most complicated form of measuring on earth because we’re too stubborn to convert to metric!

Our own government has a list of popular New Year’s resolutions right on their official website! What’s not there is how quickly you will fail at them.  This isn’t for lack of trying though, it’s just set in our brain that we need to start on a specific time and reach a completed goal to feel successful.  The problem is, there is no metric, or systematic way of measuring most of these goals.  Continue reading »

Finding Oregon, The Most Amazing Time Lapse Video

I’m a fan of time lapse photography, there have been several videos on Randomn3sss already but the evolution of how they are produced has progressed at breakneck speed.  Friend and fellow photographer Andipantz dropped me an email with a link to the video below, as a proud Oregonian herself, it’s apparent why so many travel there to photograph.  What Uncaged the Soul Productions have done with this time lapse video is simply unreal though, there aren’t enough adjectives to properly describe it.  Watch it in full screen mode, take it all in and enjoy it.


Use Shelf Liner to Stabilize Cutting Boards


There seems to be a million single-use kitchen gadgets to solve all your problems.  I’m a big fan of Alton Brown‘s theory on kitchen tools, the only single-use tool in the kitchen should be a fire extinguisher.  Of the tools I use the most, a cutting board is near the top of the list.  A quick note about cutting boards, they hold true to the old saying bigger is better.  I see friends use these super small cutting boards, mostly because they are easy to store or are cheap and wonder how the hell they manage.  Your cutting board should be at least as big as your biggest knife diagonal on it.  I personally prefer end grain butcher block style boards, without the grooved channels as seen in the photo above, but everyone has a preference.

The biggest problem with nearly any consumer grade cutting board is that they are thin and don’t weigh a lot, because they are meant to be stored off the counter when not in use.  Because of this they can slide around while you’re working on them, especially if there’s a little water or oil on your counter top, causing an unsafe working environment.  A quick fix can be made with non-stick shelf liner, a more green alternative to wetting some paper towels and putting them down and throwing them away after your done.  Best of all, it’s usually at the dollar store, or at nearly any discount store like Big Lots for a few bucks.  It can be cut to any size you want, washed and if it tears, cheaply replaced.  Several other sites also suggest placing kitchen towels under a cutting board, my experience is that the towel is always too big, has to be folded so many times that it makes the cutting surface unstable.

The photo used above also showcases my favorite knives, Global.  Hands down, one of the best investments you can make in a kitchen is a quality chef knife.  There’s little need for a 27 piece knife set, one good chef knife will do 90% of the work you need to do in the kitchen.

eBay’s Hidden Categories: Weird Stuff, Slightly Unusual, Really Weird & Totally Bizarre

eBayI’m a huge fan of eBay, the 5th most popular post on this site was about making money with eBay auctions, so clearly everyone who reads Randomn3ss likes it too.  Last month eBay sent me a nice little email message to thank me for another year of being a member, my 11th year!  1999 I joined, seems like yesterday, time flies.  Anyway, I have a lot of issues with eBay, one of which is that they are driving users to start using Craigslist because they fees are becoming insane, more of my rants can be found here.  Anyway, I still buy stuff on a regular basis because eBay can often be cheaper than local stores and even Amazon when buying items less than $25.  Last night I found some hidden categories that have me scratching my head and subsequently consumed the following few hours of my life.

The parent category is Weird Stuff, and there is just that, a lot of weird stuff.  I did see a bunch of Nazi stuff, which I guess there’s a market for, but then you’ll find something you never knew existed but now need, an egg white separator called A Booger Boy / Snot A Mug.

Booger Boy / Snot A Mug

Within the Weird Stuff category are three more sub-categories, that get stranger. Continue reading »

The Gun Markets of Pakistan

This is totally insane.  It’s sad that most people in the west never see this, and they should.

San Francisco to Paris in Two Minutes

I have become totally in love with time lapse videos, and this isn’t the first one I’ve posted here and won’t be the last.  It’s a skill I’m working on myself and hoping to get a little better at, but love the concept of this 11 hour journey over 2 minutes.


Video made by beepshow.com

Make Money with Twitter

Going back to the early 90’s when I first started to heavily use the Internet I wanted to make money doing it.  Back then I used it to get mailing addresses for a small business I had going in High School and wanted to mail out a sales flyer to generate sales via phone, it worked.  In the late 90’s I remember All Advantage, a pay to surf the web tiered affiliate program.  Shortly thereafter I started to build websites and the rest has kind of been a blur.  It seems everything on the web can be monetized, Twitter is just another means to make some money for those who use it.

Back in the summer of 2007 I joined Twitter and while four and a half years isn’t very long, it’s forever ago in technology times.  The micro blogging service was quirky and no one really had any full understanding as what they were supposed to do with it.  It wasn’t long before I asked WTF was I thinking using Twitter? and vowed never to update it again.  Well, I have, and a lot.  By 2008 I was finding useful reasons to use it and for all intensive purposes, it’s a staple in my tech life and virtually everyone I know.  Twitter is so large now that I see TV commercials who no longer advertise their website or even Facebook page anymore, they are simply promoting the use of a #hashtag, this goes for major networks too.

Make Money with SponsoredTweetsJust over three months ago I joined SponsoredTweets, a site that links advertisers and tweeters together.  The company has some very high profile celebrities and some quick searching on Google made everything here seem pretty legit.  You fill out a short profile, including tags of things that both interest you and that you talk about on a regular basis.  Based on the date you joined Twitter, the number of followers you have in relation to the number you follow and a few other specifications, SponsoredTweets suggests a price for you per tweet.  When I initially signed up I had about 920 followers and it’s suggest price per tweet for me was $1.27 based on the tags I chose. When an offer comes in, you can accept or deny it, then use the given guidelines to write a tweet which will both include a link to what the advertiser wants and a disclaimer of your choosing, such as #ad, Ad:, #sponsored and a few others to indicate this is indeed an affiliate link.  When you accept and write your tweet it’s then sent for review by the advertiser, if they approve it SponsoredTweets will automatically tweet for you within a given time frame that the sponsor chooses.  Provided a few people click the links, you’ll get paid.  Continue reading »

The Morning Call Newspaper Charges for Online Content, Will Fail Fast

The Morning CalMy local newspaper, The Morning Call which is owned by the Tribune Company, publishers of The Chicago Times and the LA Times, among other has announced it will be changing it’s online terms to paid content. It’s been nearly two months since the move was announced, but with the end of the free versions of online content readers are starting to become outraged. I’m going to make an attempt to point out why this is not only a bad idea but one that will ultimately bring an end to my local newspaper.

Full disclaimer, I get paid to write articles for other sites, I understand nothing in life can be free and those who create work, tangible or not, should be compensated. Randomn3ss has been a passion of mine for years as a way to explore my own writing and more specifically in this case, there is no option on The Morning Call’s website to leave comments for the article, which I find odd, so I’ll rebut it all here, piece by piece.

The Morning Call’s publisher is quoted as saying,

the decision to begin charging for digital content is based on readers’ strong demand for local news, features and sports on the Internet and mobile devices

Continue reading »