In a bid to earn the right to bear the nickname “Pennsyl-tucky,” the commonwealth of Pennsylvania closed today because it forgot that you need money to do things.  Namely, things that require 24,000 employees to help run, oh you know, a little thing called THE STATE.

[insert heavy sigh – and link – here]

I’m hoping that this temporary shutdown includes the Bureau of Compliance in the PA Dept of Revenue, which is currently investigating the purchase of my car from my great Aunt (it was a gift, you don’t need to pay taxes on a gift… unless the gift is worth $8000, apparently.  Oops).  The temporary closure does include the DMV, which gives me yet another day to procrastinate on renewing my license/put finishing touches on crazy outfit for my new license photo.  This would also explain why I was stuck for 90 minutes on a one-lane Route 81 South last night despite there being no construction workers around. 

Thankfully, the prisons and casinos remain open [insert “Dueling Banjos” theme from Deliverance here].  Wind storms from the collective sigh of relief should be expected to sweep across New Jersey.

It seems kind of ridiculous that PA has a surplus and simply isn’t spending it because of government gridlock (the governor is a soulless Democrat; the state Senate, even more soulless Republicans).  I mean, even I, with all my complex needs, can make a budget.  It goes something like this:

Rent = $635.50; Car insurance = $230; Jack Daniels = $45; cheesesteak (2xweek) = $12; energy drinks = $10/week.  It’s really easy.  Seriously.  Ed Rendell could learn something from me.