About a week ago I came across a great story of a guy who decided for the month of November he would try to get by with only eating $1.00’s worth of food per day and spend no more then $30.00 for the entire month. There is a great 5-10 minute read and I highly suggest you do check out his site. The concept is simple, see if he has enough restraint to stick to this diet. There is a good moral story at the end that should make you feel a little warm and fuzzy inside, but it raises two good questions.

When doing these types of things, is it really necessary to blog about it? I guess at its core, that is what blogging is, web logging a story or journal entry. Obviously it was entertaining enough for me to read it send the link to several friends and now write about it here. My other query is the self restraint. Doing something like this is kind of like playing solitaire. Sure you can win by cheating, but what do you really accomplish? Perhaps the reason for the public blog was to prove to him that he really was doing this, writing it down and taking notes proved to him that he was capable of doing it.

From the first page of the blog:

For the month of November, I’m only spending $30 on food. The only exception will be things that are freely available to the average person (salt taken from restaurants, sauce packets from Taco Bell, free coffee from an office). Buying in advance is fine, but at the end of the month, it all has to add up to $30 or less.

The blog must be read from the bottom of the page to the top & can be found here: http://hungryforamonth.blogspot.com/2006_11_01_hungryforamonth_archive.html