miles.pngOne month from today I will be riding with 7,000 others to raise awareness in the National MS Society City to Shore Ride 2008 taking place in New Jersey.  I will be riding 45 miles on my bicycle from somewhere just outside Cherry Hill to Ocean City, New Jersey and have been training daily for it.

In addition to loosing about 10 pounds over the last 4-5 weeks, my energy level has gone through the roof; I sleep better at night and overall, feel better.  Several of my friends have also picked up the sport and we now are enjoying the last days of summer nightly and for periods of time on the weekends.

My personal goal for this ride is to complete it in 3 hours or less, which puts me at an average pace of 15 miles per hour, something I think I can tackle.  Considering no more than three months ago all I was riding was a couch, I’m real happy with the progress.

I’d also like to whole heartily thank everyone who has donated; you’ve helped me raise $785!  If you would still like to donate on my behalf, please click the banner at the top. Thank you for your support, encouragement and kind words.

Curious to see how my training is going?  I’ve been keeping a spreadsheet of when I ride and for how far; to the right you’ll see my August miles.  For those of you not so good at math, those totals out to 327.64 miles up to and including this morning, another 7.15 will be added when I head home tonight.  Yes, I’ve even started to commute to work on a bicycle, who would of thought?