There’s a lot to be said about dinner etiquette, please and thank you gestures, and just manners in general. In a nail salon, etiquette may not be set in stone, but a lot of it is just common sense. For the people who don’t realize this, chances are, someone is watching.

When a person walks into a nail salon (or most places of business), it is customary to greet a person that says hello to you. Most people don’t think of it as they are walking into a salon, but if someone asks you what they can do for you, tell them what you are there for. Do not tell someone that you’re waiting for someone other than the person asking. Be nice. The person isn’t necessarily trying to perform the service (he or she may not even be able to), but could get you started for the person you are waiting for.

Nail salons, and hair salons are not the place for food. Being able to see it firsthand, leaves you with a feeling of disgust when you’re in the middle of filing someone’s nails, and the person opens up her sushi container. Not only is it just gross that you would eat with your hands, while having powder or dust all over them, but it’s unhealthy for you too. Most people aren’t able to tolerate the smell in nail salons, let alone eat in them. Along the same lines, bringing soup to eat as you’re getting a pedicure, McDonald’s while you’re waiting, or sandwiches at the nail tables should just be a big fat NO. Bringing in entire meals can also stink up the salon, and other paying clients shouldn’t be subject to that.

Keep your cell phone conversations to a minimum. Cell phones have been so widely used in this day and age and keep getting more popular. Their popularity has also become prohibited in places like doctor’s offices, in cars while driving, or while in lines to order food. There are many salons that do not have “no cell phone” signs up because frankly they may not care, but other clients don’t like it. Who goes to a nail salon to hear someone else’s conversation about their health problems, or their party planning? Really, people don’t like it-especially in a place like a salon. People go to salons to relax, and unwind, not to hear someone’s annoying voice in the chair beside them. In addition, when you’re nails are being painted, put the phone down. Ten times out of ten, you are likely to mess up your nails while they’re wet, giving the manicurist more work to do.

Babies don’t belong in a nail salon. People get it. People get that you may have a newborn or a toddler, and don’t have much time to get out, or have much time to yourself. Finding time for yourself in a nail salon doesn’t mean you should bring your kids with you. People love cute kids, but the moment they cry or whine, they’re not so cute anymore. You figure, you’re in a salon for at least a half hour and your kids cannot keep still for longer than a few minutes. Leave the kids at home, and enjoy a manicure and pedicure when you can without them. It will give you, and the others in a salon a much better experience.

You wouldn’t like trying to relax while hearing someone else on their phone or hearing their kids. If you’re hungry and you have limited time, bring a small snack that can be tucked away in your purse to eat while waiting. Point is, be aware of your surroundings not just in a nail salon but everywhere. Be polite and nice, and you’ll receive that in return.