Everyone likes to be happy, or at least everyone should. At the stage in my life I am at now, I’m not feeling happy on a daily basis. Not because I don’t have great things going on in my life, hang out with great people or have great experiences, but because I am starting to mold into what will become the rest of my life and there are certain aspects of it which I just deal with instead of molding them the way I want them to be. Being in my late 20’s may not seem very old, but when it feels like you were 15 yesterday and tomorrow you may be 30, you feel old. In an attempt to help map out my personal plans to be happy, I will be using Randomn3ss as my medium to help track and follow through with the events.

This whole event is coming as a result of a conversation with a friend recently when some coarse words were said on my behalf about them, realizing shortly after they fell out of my mouth that I honestly do care about them as a person and need to cherish the quality friendships I have more. Not being happy with myself is the partly to blame for my lashing out. Believe me when I tell you I am not a touchy feely person so expect this to be a hard and bumpy road to travel.

I strongly believe that there are several sets of goals people have. A goal of being happy means different things to different people and is honestly too broad. Several sets of short term and long term goals is the only way to make a lifestyle change, or at least that is what I’m telling myself now.

Goals towards happiness


  • Resolve debt
  • Spend more time away from the computer and television
  • Enjoy the outdoors with my dog
  • Eat at a nice restaurant at least once a month
  • Start taking my camera with me everywhere again
  • Continue spinning records
  • Home remolding
  • Make it to the gym at least twice a week
  • Stop eating after 9pm
  • Loose 10 pounds
  • Be more humble
  • Think before speaking
  • Wake up 20 minutes earlier every day
  • Go to bed 30 minutes earlier every day
  • Wear colors other then black at least once a week


  • Resolve debt
  • Find a career I love
  • Get more education
  • Learn Spanish
  • Travel to at least one new country per year
  • Make it to the gym at least three times a week
  • Loose 30 pounds
  • Enjoy the time I have with my friends

Both lists are open for modification and will change, that is inevitable, however they are a place to start for now. Waking up tomorrow won’t start my short term list; it will be a lifestyle change that will start slowly and I�m hoping will end up making me happier in the long run.