It’s been nearly 18 months since I originally wrote out my list of happiness, a series of short term and long term goals to help become a better person.  Just shy of one year ago I posted an update which accomplished some of the short term goals on the list, but that’s about it.  Here I am a year later, so what’s changed?

Short term goals that I resolved one year ago that are, in my opinion, 100% completed:

  • Resolve debt
  • Spend more time away from the computer and television
  • Enjoy the outdoors with my dog
  • Eat at a nice restaurant at least once a month
  • Stop eating after 9pm
  • Loose 10 pounds
  • Be more humble
  • Think before speaking
  • Go to bed 30 minutes earlier every day
  • Wear colors other then black at least once a week

Short term goals that still need some attention:

  • Eat at a nice restaurant at least once a month.  This just hasn’t been in the budget.  I do eat out, but not what I’d consider a nice restaurant.  Every Sunday for nearly two years now though a group of about a dozen friends gets together, usually at one person’s house, and we make family dinner.  This is some of us cooking, most of us talking shit, and a good 2-3 hours of quality time with great friends.  This is, in some ways, my substitute to eating out.
  • Start taking my camera with me everywhere again. Sadly I still don’t.  Even though I bought a great new setup a few months ago, it still doesn’t go as many places as it could.  On a positive note, I’m happier now shooting than I think I ever have been and really happy with the results. 
  • Continue spinning records
  • Home remolding.  I had a goal to get the second coat of paint on my walls that I started last year sometime this summer, it didn’t happen.  No real excuse for it.  Other home remolding ideas are put on hold until there is more room in the budget.
  • Make it to the gym at least twice a week.  While it hasn’t been twice a week, an injury this summer reignited my enthusiasm to go to the gym since I couldn’t ride my bicycle for about two weeks.  I’ve also recently started taking interest in running, while only at the walking and jogging stages, I only do this on the treadmill at the gym as I’m not brave enough to do it on the streets yet.
  • Stop eating after 9pm.  I’m leaving this on the list of stuff that needs attention, even though I don’t eat after 9pm about 85% of the time, there are still some times when I get home very late and feel the urge to eat.
  • Wake up 20 minutes earlier every day.  I still struggle with this, and have a feeling I will continue to.

The list of items that is no longer on my short term list exceeds those on the ones needing attention.  Of the ones I’m still working on, two of them are for financial reasons, one is going to be off the list in another month or two and one more should be off in the same time frame.

Of the short term goals accomplished, loosing 10lbs was one of them.  I’ve actually lost 22lbs over the last 10 weeks or so, mostly from watching what I eat and how much I eat and from riding my bicycle, a lot.  The MS ride I recently completed was the springboard for the weight loss.  I set a goal of 20lbs when I signed up and met it.  Additionally, being more humble and thinking before speaking is something I’ve been working on since the original article was written.  I’ve learned to spend more time choosing words when speaking with someone and nearly no time apologizing or feeling bad after I’ve said them.

Looking over the list of long term goals, here’s an update:

  • Resolve debt.  I have no major outstanding bills with the exception of my mortgage and small student loan, everything else is either a living expense, such as electric, internet, gas for the car, etc., or it’s what I’ve spent that month and paid off.  Unless a miracle happens and I get money from the sky, I don’t foresee paying off my mortgage anytime soon.  The student loan doesn’t bother me much since the interest is tax deductible, but I would like to have it taken care of in the next two years or so.
  • Find a career I love.  Honestly, I’ve put zero effort into this.  I don’t know why, but I just haven’t.
  • Get more education.  I learn nearly daily, but not at the level I’d like.  Night classes aren’t feasible now due to my current work schedule, which leaves me looking into internet classes at local colleges.  Maybe I’ll do that this weekend.
  • Learn Spanish.  This is still on the list, but I haven’t had the drive to follow through with it.
  • Travel to at least one new country per year.  Still haven’t left the country, although a wedding in St. Thomas summer 2009 for friends of mine means that I’ll hopefully be getting off the main land, even if it is a US island.
  • Make it to the gym at least three times a week.  Fall is here and winter is right around the corner.  I’m hoping to keep riding my bicycle outdoors for at least another month, but I’ll get pushed into the gym sooner or later.  I hate riding the stationary bikes, but I need to keep active.  Additionally, I will hopefully be picking up swimming as a new sport this winter.  This one seems feasible this winter.
  • Loose 30 pounds.  As stated earlier, I’m currently down 22lbs, more than 2/3rds the way to meeting this goal.  At the rate I’m loosing weight, the other 8lbs should be gone in 4 weeks.  Once I reach 30lbs lost, I’ll look at my body, how clothing fits and how I feel, but I have a feeling that the new goal will be more weight loss, possibly another 30 pounds.
  • Enjoy the time I have with my friends.  Shortly after writing the original article I did a friends clensing.  That is to say, I stopped hanging out with people that caused drama, stress, frustration or conflict with me.  The group of people that I now call my friends may be slightly smaller, but I am much happier.

I am in a very different point in my life today then I was a year and a half ago.  I’m not fully happy day in and day out, but I’m much more active, outgoing and open minded towards just about everything.  Most of these recent changes happened late this summer when I started to ride a road bicycle.  Not only did I shed weight, everything else started to fall in line too, such as going to bed earlier and sleeping more sound, to not eating late at night and eating better.

The intention is to continue working on the current list of items and add / modify it as time goes on.  New to the short term list of goals is:

  • Ride a century.  That is 100 miles on a bicycle.  I’ve done slightly more than half already, this one might just hav to wait till spring as it is pretty cold out and I need to dedicate at least 8 hours to this.
  • Run a 5k in 30 minutes or less.  I’m probably about 7-10 weeks away from doing this.
  • Compete in a sprint triathlon.  Most sprints are a 750m swim, 15 mile bike ride, 5k run.  There is one at the end of May not far from me that is a 750m open water swim across a lake, 18 mile bike ride and 3.3 mile run.  I have not yet signed up, but it is on my list of things I’d like to do soon.

Next update will probably come around New Years if I can remember =)