This is one of those unique concepts that, well let’s be honest, makes you scratch your head. The concept is a highline dog accessory company uniquely called Chi WOW WOW that is known for making mink lined coats for your four legged friend offering up t-shirts and sweatshirts with officially licensed comic book characters from Marvel comics.

My dog wears sweatshirts in the wintertime, she weighs 8 pounds and I live in the northeast part of the country. That said, she has a nice black sweater with white skulls on it, looks good with the spike collar I might add. I’m not sure I would feel comfortable walking her in public with a Spiderman sweater though. This high-end dog fashion will probably catch on most for those dog owners with small children and perhaps with adults who are reliving their own childhood. Unique concept, classic images, not my cup of tea but I’m sure it is someone’s.