Way back in 1995 I got my first tattoo.  It says STRAIGHT EDGE on my ankle.  I am still straight edge and have no regrets about the tattoo.  Over the next few years I got several more tattoo’s, but all on my leg, from the knee to ankle, as I was always thinking about the future and jobs and that responsible stuff.  It wasn’t until maybe 6-8 years ago that tattoos really started to become more acceptable in main stream society and you almost kind of expect the person behind the counter at your loal coffee shop to have some kind of visible ink, weather on their arms, neck, wherever.

One place that many people get tattoo’d to tell a quick story is their knuckles.  Either in combination of one word spread across eight fingers, or two words, this is quickly growing to be one of the most popular places to express your feelings, who you are or what you are about without opening your mouth.  Popular knuckle tattoos include:

  • Love Hate
  • Live Fast
  • That Hurt
  • Stay Down
  • Str8 Edge

The list really goes on and on.  KnuckleTattoos.com has taken it one step further and started a collection of these very specific tattoos and categorize them all along with a background story to why the collector got them.  Additionally, they’ve created a fun little app that will let you preview how cool you’ll be once you figure out what to put there, it’s called the Knuckle Tattoo Gun.  Take a look at the masterpiece I’ve created below.

Now go have some fun and let me know what fun creations you in the comments!