June is the sixth month of the calendar year and the last three weeks of spring because on the 21st summer officially starts!  These 15 photos personify June across the country in many different ways.  How do you plan to spend the last few days of spring and the first few days of summer?

Pinnacle Rock #4 - Point Lobos, California

Photo By PatrickSmithPhotography


Photo By will.chamberlin

Once There Was...

Photo By .:Philipp Klinger:.

Photo By kerlerikbrondbo


Photo By Konaboy


Photo By nickwheeleroz

Mr and Mrs Ladybug

Photo By supertoasti

Meadow of Life

Photo By Ben Heine

Off into the Sunset

Photo By mackelundberg

This Time the Dream's on Me

Photo By code poet

I had to do it, too...:)

Photo By Katarina 2353

Cookie Splash Extreme

Photo By isayx3

Day 20/365 : The unseen great little world

Photo By ~jjjohn~

Island in Maldives

Photo By nicadlr


Photo By Hoot Owl