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John Chow wants to give you a Wii

The title is somewhat misleading so I’ll clarify. The root of all evil, John Chow, who runs a blog about fancy dinners, expensive cars and how much money he makes on the internet, is giving a Nintendo Wii to one of his readers. I’ve been following his blog for sometime now and find his writings […]

Trying to win $5,000 for the ASPCA

One of the blogs that I read every few days about blogging is John Chow’s.  Over the last year or so he’s paired up with several of his sponsors to give prizes away and I’ve tried to win them by making posts here, see this search result.  Thus far, I have not.  His newest contest […]

Evil blogger giving away prizes, again

This article is more or less just my way of entering a contest.  One of the blogs I read on a daily basis is written by John Chow, a dot com mogul who runs several sites and has been making an impact in the blog world and cashing in on it for years.  Now, I […]

Big ass RSS feed icons suck

One thing I really am falling in love with is RSS feeds, I blog about them here enough that any regular reader should know this by now. The “official” symbol is the big orange thing to the left here. I have it in quotes because there is no official symbol yet, that is just the […]

Ask the readers: What websites do you read daily?

Time for some feedback from everyone, what websites do you read on a daily basis? I’ve got about 40-50 websites in my iGoogle (formally Google homepage), most of them I read at least once every few days based on what content is shown. In no real order, my partial list of most commonly read sites: […]