Alright. I’m not big on writing political commentary, but I’m pretty pissed off. I was all about this election – the excitement of a new world order and the potential for change – but now I’m just insulted.

Dear Obama – You had SO MUCH potential to be truly revolutionary with your VP choice. You could have chosen John Edwards (oops – that whole affair thing… guess not!) or choose a WOMAN and go with Hillary Clinton (oops – too much pride? too many ideological differences? too worried that you’d get the ENTIRE nation behind you?). But NO – you choose Joe Biden who, yes, has that foreign policy experience you so lack (and everyone warned you was going to be a huge issue). But he also has a completely dependent son and a spotty record with lobbyists and some cash but I guess that’s better than fucking some politico-ho like Edwards.

Senator Obama, you could have been a true revolutionary. Instead you chose a rich, white male to keep some semblance of the status quo and to feasibly gain votes.

Dear McCain and the entire Republican Party – you fucking insult me. You think I am stupid and ruled by my uterus. You think that SIMPLY because you chose a WOMAN to be the VP that now I will vote for you. You think I will overlook the fact that she has zero experience, has been governor for a minute, and being governor of Alaska, has undoubtedly let the government dabble in fucking up our natural resources up there. You saw that you’re running against a black man and picked a woman to hopefully pick up those female voters from the Dems who are pissed about Biden. Well – fuck you – I think your choice was cheap and purely for PR, not experience. AT LEAST Obama chose someone who would make up for his shortcomings as a politician; you chose someone who, when you die, will be known as the “hottest US President in history.”

I’m insulted.