I was recently dirty texting with a girl friend (Naomi for purpose of the story) of mine. Back and forth we kept sending naughty messages to one another while I was riding the train back home. I love dirty texting with Naomi because she has an active imagination and is very kinky thus I am always amused while being turned on. I will admit that even sometimes I am quite astounded by the things she writes. I don’t know if she would ever even imagine doing half the things that comes across our phones but its fun to read them and on lonely days does the trick.

But this time specifically I think I took it to a whole different level. It always starts mildly but heats up rather quickly. Texts about appearances and kissing shortly thereafter become quite graphic. I forget exactly what she said but I responded to her with “I want to lick your body all over.” I sat there on a packed train glancing over my shoulder, half expecting someone to know but not wanting to be exposed for the pervert that I really am. Something about engaging in dirty text in a public arena is scintillating. You are not such a deviant that you are engaging in any physical act open to everyone around you yet you are exercising your hormones discreetly. I was surprised when she responded “wtf? That’s some weird ass kinky shit.” Confused, eyes squinting, neck-straining back a little … I pondered. I’ve seen Naomi type some freaky shit before… believe me, freaky ass shit so I couldn’t imagine what she was talking about. Curious, I went through my sent messages and had seen that the actual text I sent was a misunderstanding via the T9 option on my phone. Thus instead of typing, “lick” I actually wrote “kick”. In actuality I had sent her “I want to kick your body all over.”

A blunder of Atonement proportions. Certainly I was not confusing graphic letters describing dirty cunts for confessions of love but still, who knows what type of repercussions could have resulted. Perhaps I finally would have freaked her out. Perhaps it would have opened up a door to some sexually violently texts discussing slapping, fantasy rape, asphyxiation or something involving 2girls1cup. But I do have to admit the image of me sitting there kicking her body all over did make me smirk a little and once I explained it to Naomi, she found it entertaining as well.