Holy Brangelina Tom Kat couch jumpers! Barak Obama, candidate for president of the United States called someone “sweetie” at a news conference! I’m switching my vote, call off the campaign, that guy has pulled the last cube from the base of the Jenga tower. Um… really?

Yes, our candidate called a news reporter “sweetie” in an exchange last week during a news conference. Bad on him for being ever so lackadaisical with our oblique language, to lose his footing amidst casual conversation with a news reporter of all people. Sweetie: obviously a term that some may consider sexually degrading, we can all recognize the political quandary that has occurred. When you have opponents that resort to picking at the lack of flag pinning on your lapel rather than their (dare I say insignificant) qualms over your policies on healthcare reform and the like, you have to watch every word that you live and breathe. Isn’t it sad that a word like this receives more publicity than foreign policy? Come on people, what bullshit. Adrienne touched on the sort of extreme PC-ed-ness that we’re talking about here in her article below. It’s an abuse of the disproportionate standards that we hold so high above our own heads.

Furthermore, media attention to such things is exhausting and stirs up an issue that doesn’t need consideration. Pointing the finger at an irrelevant remark merely highlights a matter of sexism that needs no additional setback. Why must we deviate? Aren’t we bigger than this? Aren’t we stronger than this as women? Come November, a democratic candidate will be facing a man who recently voted against the equal pay act, although much of us seem to have missed that one.

However back to the scene of the crime. When the fated female reporter felt slighted and ignored, she linked her disappointment in Barak’s actions to the word “sweetie”, whether consciously or not. The catalyst of treachery was the reporter’s feeling of unimportance. And here I thought that the intended purpose behind the name sweetie was that of endearment. It’s not like Barack said, “Hold up bitch”, as if he were hip to generic rappers and plastic heiresses nowadays.

This is coming from a black male that has faced a good deal of prejudice and inequality, one who has demonstrated countless times his own diligent nonpartisan beliefs. It’s another step back for some media outlets to be chastising him for such insignificance. What is with this force, this outpouring of news coverage that focuses on nothing important and everything trivial? There is a small and gradual change that is peaking over the horizon, and we are slowly creeping towards waking up, if only we can keep the momentum…

Barack can call me sweetie any day, hell I wish he would. Gas station attendants, Wawa cashiers and the passing stranger have called me worse, and I still hold as high a level of esteem for them after our sexually indiscriminate exchange as I did prior.