The world’s best speller I am not. It has been pointed out to me in several articles that I’ve published this fact and I humbly put my tail between my legs, fix the errors, thank the person for pointing them out to me and try to learn from my mistakes. I’m a blogger, I can fix my mistakes when they happen. I do not put something permanent on people and hope for the best.

Loyal Randomn3ss reader and good friend Matt sent me a link to a forum post with the proud new owner showing off a photo of his fresh new tattoo.

Decent gray work, the lines don’t look too bad, but wait, something doesn’t look right. Three grammatical errors are in this one tattoo. Its should be It’s, Delt is properly spelled Dealt and lastly, Your should be You’re. Ooops.

Source: forums

Update: So the poster on the vwovortex forum was posting up a bit of a hoax, it’s a real tattoo but he isn’t the owner. The real owner explains his story of what everything means about the tattoo ala Miami Ink, and then 5 full pages of forum members ripping him to shreds for the horrible spelling issues. Real source: NikeTalk