Two weeks ago my favorite home page and RSS reader iGoogle got a facelift, for the worse in my opinion.  Unsually, Google made no official announcement of it, that changed today.  Upon logging in I see this little button in the top middle of my iGoogle page:

So I clicked it only to read what I already knew, which is pretty obvious if you’ve been using iGoogle for more than a week prior to the change.

  • “Canvas view” gadgets. You can expand any gadget to full-screen view (“canvas view”) by clicking its “maximize” button or the gadget name in the left-navigation bar.
  • Full feed reading.  Google has apparently just turned my iGoogle page into a slightly prettier Google Reader.  Fine for those who like Google Reader, but I rarely read RSS feeds, my preferred method is to click the title and read it on that particular website.
  • Improved Google gadgets.  Google’s way of saying that their gadgets are now in “Canvas view” mode, same as the first bulletin, they apparently just needed to add more content.
  • Left Navigation.  I have no clue why they put the most obvious and most hated change to iGoogle at the bottom of their change list, it appears that everyone wants the option to put the tabs back at the top, so much so that an online petition has been started asking Google to do just that.

The other craptastic change they made was the inability to move RSS feeds from one tab to another by drag and drop.  Two days ago when I was cleaning house there were a few feeds I would have liked to move around, sadly the only way to do this is to delete from the current tab and resubscribe into the tab I want them in.  Pain in the ass.  Why Google, why?  My only hope is that Google will give their users options to change back shortly, or at the very least start to poll more of us heavy users of their products for what we’d actually like changed.  Don’t change your products because 6 months or a year has gone by without change, time alone is not an indicator that it needs to be done!

Read all the details on features and changes here.