So, per usual, I made the mistake of tooling around on MySpace instead of working on my grad school finals today and now I can’t get this dude out of my head.

I know I posted about him yesterday, but seriously, this song won’t leave my brain.  Just so we’re all clear – I don’t get paid by these musicians for promotion.  I met them through hanging at the Grape Street (RIP) & other local music venues.  Eventually, I went from “fan” to “friend” (although I still get all fandom giddy at times).  If getting the word out on here lets someone else become a fan, then that makes me happy.

Anyway, I posted this video in the hope that it’ll have “The Ring” effect – if I put it in someone else’s head, maybe it will leave mine and let me work on my Mass Comm Theory final… le sigh.

Here’s John Faye of IKE (formerly of The Caulfields and John Faye Powertrip… “Miss Catch-22,” holla!), performing a solo acoustic version of “Just a Moment.”  IKE’s last show with rockin’ bassist Joann Schmidt is at World Cafe Live (31st & Walnut, Philadelphia, PA) on December 26.  Also performing are Jealousy Curve, Matt Duke, and The Caulfields.  You can get 20% discounted tickets through