In case you were living under a rock today, Apple announced the third generation iPad today, featuring HD video playback, better this and all of that.  So, for you early adopters who are dying to upgrade from what you’re currently using, eBay is offering really amazing prices via their Instant Sale option where they will buy your product outright from you.  eBay buys a plethora of products but have setup this nice landing page showing prices for the most common tablets and similar tech products like phones and e-readers.

Why sell it to eBay directly?  The fees associated with selling on the site have become ludicrous, averaging out to be roughly 10% of the winning bid plus the shipping costs.  That means if you sell an item for $90 and charge $10 for shipping, eBay wants 10% of $100, not $90 like it previously had.  Furthermore, you’ll lose another 3% on the total transaction when you accept payment via Paypal, which ironically enough eBay owns.  There’s also the hassle of dealing with bogus buyers who don’t pay, countless questions to answer and overall, it can be a real pain to sell electronics on eBay.

Craigslist is a great option, if you have a busy schedule or don’t trust meeting strangers, especially when you have valuable electronics, eBay’s Instant Sale option starts to sound more appealing.  Read over the FAQ‘s that they put together, they answer most common questions that you’ll have, the most common one being, when will I get paid and the answer is about 5 days after they receive your item.  Not just limited to tablets, phones and e-readers, eBay also buys GPS devices and other electronics, so unload your now out-dated iPad2 and have the cash to pre-order the new iPad!