It appears that the popular television torrent sources have taken shelter after several Cease and Desist orders.   That and the fact that the plaintiffs in thePirateBay lawsuit continue to seek jail time for the creators.FeedMyTorrents

FeedMyTorrents left the following message at their old IP address which has since been taken down as well.

It’s over. We’ve received several take down requests, and have decided not to test the extents of the law.  We’d like to thank everyone who contributed, and for the fun times we’ve had.

TVRSS has not been live for quite some time, and TVRSSI’m sure I’m not alone in wondering how, and where I will find relevant, high quality sources for my queries.

I just have to figure out how I will break it to my wife…no more Ghost Whisperer. (If I had only thought of this sooner!)