eBayI’m a huge fan of eBay, the 5th most popular post on this site was about making money with eBay auctions, so clearly everyone who reads Randomn3ss likes it too.  Last month eBay sent me a nice little email message to thank me for another year of being a member, my 11th year!  1999 I joined, seems like yesterday, time flies.  Anyway, I have a lot of issues with eBay, one of which is that they are driving users to start using Craigslist because they fees are becoming insane, more of my rants can be found here.  Anyway, I still buy stuff on a regular basis because eBay can often be cheaper than local stores and even Amazon when buying items less than $25.  Last night I found some hidden categories that have me scratching my head and subsequently consumed the following few hours of my life.

The parent category is Weird Stuff, and there is just that, a lot of weird stuff.  I did see a bunch of Nazi stuff, which I guess there’s a market for, but then you’ll find something you never knew existed but now need, an egg white separator called A Booger Boy / Snot A Mug.

Booger Boy / Snot A Mug

Within the Weird Stuff category are three more sub-categories, that get stranger.

Slightly Unusual brings some more weird stuff but appears to be a slight cover-up for the adult section of eBay, which is typically very deeply hidden.  The last sub-category is Totally Bizarre, and it’s just that, bizarre.  Items you’ll find in here will range from I <3 Mudd stickers to several listings for pictures of women’s feet.

So now that I’ve gone ahead and ruined your productivity today, what strange or weird things have you found or bought on eBay?