Great news for those wanting to list stuff on eBay, starting in June they will be waiving the insertion fee regardless of the starting price for 5 items.  This could save a decent amount of money if you choose to list your item at a higher start price without a reserve, since the newly revamped reserve fees now take a percentage of the final sale price.  Here’s the rundown:

eBay first 5 insertion fees free

All the info, details and fees can be found for this upcoming promotion set to start June 16th can be read here.  Take special note to the asterisks at the bottom, excluding Video Game Systems.

As always, review all of eBay’s fees before you list an item as you can typically expect an average sale to cost you at least 10% of the sale price.  I’m excited about this, it means I can try to sell something on eBay for free at the price I want to get, if it doesn’t sell I haven’t lost any money and can put it on Craigslist and deal with the low-ball offers people offer there.