Okay, so last night I’m chillin’ on my couch, drinking beer 2 of 3, watching god only knows what on TV.  Seriously, couldn’t even tell you which channel I was watching at the time.  I’m zoning out and then this trippy, possibly-funny public service announcement comes on.  Now, there’s some pretty laughable drug-related PSAs as of late: the one where the car full of high kids hits the girl on the bike, the one where the high kid shoots the other high kid as a joke, and the most recent scary-ass one from Canada about kitchen safety (okay, if you’re going to watch the last one, please note that the last 2.5 seconds will burn a hole into your memory.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you).  But this most recent one I saw last night is… something special.  Not only is it stupid, but it blames everyday people for shit they can’t possibly prevent.

The video below – on meth labs, which are apparently running rampany in this country, although personally I think meth is really 1997 and totally un-glamorous, which is probably why it’s so prevalent in parts of the country where there’s nothing to do – takes the cake for both ridiculous shock-value and improbability.  It’s also really poorly done and I just feel bad for the guy in it because 1) he’s just trying to eat his breakfast and 2) how the fuck does he know there’s a meth lab next door?

Okay, give it a watch:


Basically, the lesson is: if you mind your own fucking business, you will get blown up by your neighbor’s meth lab.  So start spying on your neighbors, because according to the powers that be, if you get blown up by someone else’s meth lab, it’s your own fucking fault for not reporting them to the police who are supposed to investigate and save you from other people’s meth labs.  I’m jus’ sayin’…