Time’s are tough on nearly everyone right now, but everyone still needs to eat, wear clothing (optional for some I guess) and have a roof over your head.  It seems like every industry has had a spike in the retail cost, and while I’ve already shown you how to clip coupons for more than you thought, it still required a bit of time to do, driving to and from the store and spending time in the store.  The way we shop may start to change as costs rise and we all look for deals.  That’s where this article’s idea came from.

Amazon is one of the most well known and respected online retailers out there, and they just posted their most profitable quarter ever, proof that even during a recession there is money to be made and profits to be had.  While doing so, they’ve slowly crept into the food market, offering mostly non-perishable items for sale, both brand names and some lesser known companies.  Today on their site I took notice to an ad much like you see on the side here, offering 40% off groceries.  Could it be true?  Would Amazon still offer free shipping on orders over $25?  Some poking around through the grocery section led me to find out that yes, they do offer free shipping on a good portion of the food items they sell, and the prices are in-line and cheaper than my local grocery store!

What’s more amazing is that some of the products I buy on a regular basis are heavy, like this 6-pack of 32oz basmati rice, qualify for free shipping because it’s over $25.  That’s 12 pounds of rice!  I eat rice 2-4 times per week, and not having to haul it home, rather have it delivered would be awesome!  Five more minutes poking around the site and I realized that I could get most of the items that I keep in my cupboards for the same price as my local grocery store or less, and have them delivered to my house.  The time savings plus gas savings would really add up.

There are only two downsides that I can think of.  The vast majority of items I looked at were 2-packs, multi-packs or semi-bulk items, so if one bottle of ketchup lasts you 6 months, it might not be cost efficient to buy it online.  The other thing is the free shipping is qualified only for super saver, 5-9 day delivery.  That means you need to buy ahead of time, assuming it will take a full two weeks to show up.

I’m curious to know who is currently buying groceries online, or who would consider it?  Check out everything Amazon has at 40% off here.