At first, the following video by Russian sex-bot pseudo-lesbian duo T.a.t.u. made me really sad. No, it wasn’t due to the subject matter (which I found riveting rather than revolting). It was due to the fact that about 2 years ago, I could have translated it word-for-word (one of my majors was Russian). However, due to drinking, drugs, and the stress of the real world, I’ve forgotten nearly all of my Russian (except for “nine,” “ten,” and “place,” all of which I was able to pick out in the video).  Anyway, that’s my problem. 

Their latest video has been making the rounds on the blogosphere.  The song is your typical Euro-trash pop song, with a healthy undercurrent of depression.  However, the song is not the focal point of the video.  No, here T.a.t.u. does what they do best – act salacious, be mildly talented, and rely heavily on sexual imagery.  I hear they’ve given up the lesbian act, unfortunately, because it really helped sell the theme of their debut album, 200km in the Wrong Lane.  Yeah, I own it, but in my defense: first there are four songs in Russian and I used to translate them for practice and second, shut up, I like Euro-trash music sung by hot Russian chicks.

Enough suspense, here it is.  Even if you can’t stomach the song, wait for the twist at the end.  I think it’s pretty classic/diusturbing.