I have not spent a lot of time cooking lately, so today I decided to make soup from a recipe recommended by Mike here at Randomn3ss.

My work day was spent mostly sitting, and mostly designing (graphic design), so it was refreshing to stand for about two hours rinsing, boiling, dicing, chopping, measuring, stirring, smelling and being quiet. Silent, actually. My workplace is a fairly loud place at times, with lots of interruptions, lots of laughter, lots of activity going by my desk all day, and so making my brain concentrate amid all that takes a lot of work. While cooking tonight, I didn’t even turn on any music. I just took in the quiet, enjoying the sound and feeling of the knife cutting the herbs and vegetables, hearing my boyfriend working on a bicycle upstairs, and actually hearing the quiet of my own mind, which I quite honestly have not heard lately.

The concentration cooking required of me tonight was perfect. It stopped my racing mind, put all the true concerns and true nonsense on a shelf somewhere, nowhere to be found, thankfully, due to focusing on the tasks at hand. That kind of peace, the peace of being in the moment, was easy to attain for me tonight, which reminds me that I need to create this for myself daily. Cooking is a natural way to get into the peace zone, though it’s not always possible or doesn’t always happen. Cooking is also a perfect way to talk about the day, be silly, laugh and enjoy the comfort of relationship, which is another type of inner quieting needed (even if it’s not quiet outwardly), a lovely peace inside from connection.

Cooking tonight brought me the reminder that I must have peace like this regularly, and to use cooking as the means more often. My whole self, all my senses are telling me this, and for once, I’m quiet and peaceful enough to hear it and take it in, as I eat the wonderful results of peace-filled cooking.