On January 9th Randomn3ss celebrated one year of being online. To help celebrate, a contest was formed based on leaving a comment at your best guess when the 15,000 spam comment would be caught by the anti-spam police. At the time, there were just under 13,000 total spam comments. The prize was a $25 iTunes gift card, given to the person guessing the closest date and time without going over.

At 3:57pm EST, January 31st, the 15,000 spam comment was caught by the software. The closest was Scott, who guessed February 20th, 2:00am. Off by 20 days, he was the closest person, and while he did go over, no one else was anywhere near close nor made a guess in January. I don’t want to drag this contest out any longer so I hope no one is offended.

More contests will come in the future, if you have an idea of how you’d like the next one to be run or would like to sponsor a contest with a prize or service, please use the contact form to get in touch with me.