Get out of my head, John Faye!

So, per usual, I made the mistake of tooling around on MySpace instead of working on my grad school finals today and now I can’t get this dude out of my head.

I know I posted about him yesterday, but seriously, this song won’t leave my brain.  Just so we’re all clear – I don’t get paid by these musicians for promotion.  I met them through hanging at the Grape Street (RIP) & other local music venues.  Eventually, I went from “fan” to “friend” (although I still get all fandom giddy at times).  If getting the word out on here lets someone else become a fan, then that makes me happy.

Anyway, I posted this video in the hope that it’ll have “The Ring” effect – if I put it in someone else’s head, maybe it will leave mine and let me work on my Mass Comm Theory final… le sigh.

Here’s John Faye of IKE (formerly of The Caulfields and John Faye Powertrip… “Miss Catch-22,” holla!), performing a solo acoustic version of “Just a Moment.”  IKE’s last show with rockin’ bassist Joann Schmidt is at World Cafe Live (31st & Walnut, Philadelphia, PA) on December 26.  Also performing are Jealousy Curve, Matt Duke, and The Caulfields.  You can get 20% discounted tickets through


YouTomb is where banned YouTube videos live on

You just saw the funniest clip on YouTube ever and emailed the link to all your co-workers and posted it on your friends’ MySpace page, but when they go to view it, it’s not available. Chances are, it was a copyrighted TV show, movie preview or music video that wasn’t allowed by the YouTube terms of service agreement you didn’t bother to read when you become a member. But what if it wasn’t? What if the video you uploaded is of your kid brother doing something funny and someone reported it as inappropriate and it was removed. You could upload it again, but now you are risking your membership being banned.

Say hello to YouTomb, a place where banned YouTube videos go. YouTomb is

a research project by MIT Free Culture that tracks videos taken down from YouTube for alleged copyright violation.

They list a pretty comprehensive FAQ section in their About page that details why they are doing this and that they do not condone copyright infrignment at all.

Either way, it’s an interesting idea and being that I heard about the site on a cable news channel, I can only imagine that it will be a short time before YouTube’s parent company, Google, sends their lawyers knocking on the doors of MIT.

Is this the best commercial ever? Yeah.

Um… I just saw this on Sunday night for the first time. It is the next in a series of bizarre but semi-brilliant advertisements for Emerald Nuts. These commercials get the brand stuck in your mind for nothing to do with its nuttiness, but for its “What the fuck?!?” factor.



Remember When Tool Had 3 Fans? Me Neither.

So – for those of us youngin’s who don’t remember when Tool wasn’t a huge rock band (albeit one with a cult following), I give you the following YouTube video.  Think of it as an early Christmas present (kind of kind the Maynard James Keenan who is gagged, bound, and gift wrapped under my tree).  It was recorded at J.C. Dobbs, an old club in Philly, back in 1992.  I am almost positive that I met the cameraman on Thursday night; we were at the WMMR/Project H.O.M.E. benefit at the Khyber.  This guy Michael and I were comparing notes on our concert experiences and he kicked my ass with this one.  It occurred when Maynard had a mohawk-mullet and was able to face the audience because there were… 7 people in it.  Seriously.  Wait until the very end of video because you can disctinctly hear 14 hands clapping.  Anyway, Michael said he had a video camera there and I am guessing that this might be him.  Either way, this is for you, soldier.

And thank you to Mark, bassist for one of the kickassest bands in Philly, for posting this on his MySpace first.



Delightfully Controversial Russian Lesbots

At first, the following video by Russian sex-bot pseudo-lesbian duo T.a.t.u. made me really sad. No, it wasn’t due to the subject matter (which I found riveting rather than revolting). It was due to the fact that about 2 years ago, I could have translated it word-for-word (one of my majors was Russian). However, due to drinking, drugs, and the stress of the real world, I’ve forgotten nearly all of my Russian (except for “nine,” “ten,” and “place,” all of which I was able to pick out in the video).  Anyway, that’s my problem. 

Their latest video has been making the rounds on the blogosphere.  The song is your typical Euro-trash pop song, with a healthy undercurrent of depression.  However, the song is not the focal point of the video.  No, here T.a.t.u. does what they do best – act salacious, be mildly talented, and rely heavily on sexual imagery.  I hear they’ve given up the lesbian act, unfortunately, because it really helped sell the theme of their debut album, 200km in the Wrong Lane.  Yeah, I own it, but in my defense: first there are four songs in Russian and I used to translate them for practice and second, shut up, I like Euro-trash music sung by hot Russian chicks.

Enough suspense, here it is.  Even if you can’t stomach the song, wait for the twist at the end.  I think it’s pretty classic/diusturbing.


Does This Sh*t Really Happen??

Okay, so last night I’m chillin’ on my couch, drinking beer 2 of 3, watching god only knows what on TV.  Seriously, couldn’t even tell you which channel I was watching at the time.  I’m zoning out and then this trippy, possibly-funny public service announcement comes on.  Now, there’s some pretty laughable drug-related PSAs as of late: the one where the car full of high kids hits the girl on the bike, the one where the high kid shoots the other high kid as a joke, and the most recent scary-ass one from Canada about kitchen safety (okay, if you’re going to watch the last one, please note that the last 2.5 seconds will burn a hole into your memory.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you).  But this most recent one I saw last night is… something special.  Not only is it stupid, but it blames everyday people for shit they can’t possibly prevent.

The video below – on meth labs, which are apparently running rampany in this country, although personally I think meth is really 1997 and totally un-glamorous, which is probably why it’s so prevalent in parts of the country where there’s nothing to do – takes the cake for both ridiculous shock-value and improbability.  It’s also really poorly done and I just feel bad for the guy in it because 1) he’s just trying to eat his breakfast and 2) how the fuck does he know there’s a meth lab next door?

Okay, give it a watch:


Basically, the lesson is: if you mind your own fucking business, you will get blown up by your neighbor’s meth lab.  So start spying on your neighbors, because according to the powers that be, if you get blown up by someone else’s meth lab, it’s your own fucking fault for not reporting them to the police who are supposed to investigate and save you from other people’s meth labs.  I’m jus’ sayin’…

Proof that Christopher Walken is God

I stumbled home from the Stilli-Tuesday Rockfest Bazaar at Grape Street (more on that later… may I just interject that acoustic Head rocks my face??) at about 4am and immediately plopped in front of my tv.  I learned that 4am is approximately the time that MTV starts playing videos again.  After catching the new “it’s Britney, bitch” video (lots of torn fishnets and weaves) and the newer Maroon 5 single (Adam Levine… yeah, I would), MTV made my life complete and played the Fatboy Slim cut “Weapon of Choice.”

I. Freaking. LOVE. This. Video.

To refresh some memories, it’s the video where Christopher Walken, in his role as jetlagged businessman, dances around an empty hotel lobby.  Directed by ingenue Spike Jonze (who also directed Slim’s “Praise You,” Weezer’s “Buddy Holly,” and the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage”), it’s a triumph of the music video, which is to say that the video turns an otherwise mundane cut into a transcendant piece of art.  One cannot hear the Fatboy Slim song and not immediately associate it with a bleary-eyed Walken strutting on top of furniture. 

Walken, known for his off-beat characters, reveals his background as a professionally-trained ballroom dancer (it was his original college major) and glides with an interesting mix of awkwardness and fluidity.  His facial expressions are priceless, starting off as nearly comatose and getting incrementally more joyous as the dance continues, only to return to its original deflated state when the track stops.  Ah – the power of music exemplified in the personage of Christopher Walken.  Classic.

I’ll let you revisit it below – let me know if it continues to blow minds or if I was just drunk.  I think it’s killer.


Save online video files in a breeze

FlvixWay back in February I showed you how to save YouTube [and other online hosted video] clips painlessly. It is still one of the most popular articles written on Randomn3ss and gets tons of traffic everyday. I can honestly say that it is a service I’ve been using on a more regular basis to create ring tones and load my favorite videos on my video iPod.

Today I came across another site, Flvix, which seems to use the exact same interface and engine as Vixy, which is now open source. Big deal, another site that does the exact same thing I’ve been doing for months now.

That is where it gets a bit interesting. The layout and feel are about the same, Flvix is a bit more stripped down and bare feeling for a site, but the speed is remarkably faster. I’ve noticed that Vixy will throw errors and have trouble resolving YouTube and Google videos. There is no real fix, just keep trying and eventually it goes through. Flvix on the other hand resolved and prepared a random video from YouTube in about five seconds.

My thoughts on the major speed difference probably have to do with two main factors.

  1. Flvix is new; it is not getting hit nearly as hard as the now wildly popular Vixy.
  2. It could be on a faster, more robust server.

Either way, I don’t care, it work and works fast. The site is also (at this time) 100% ad free, simply amazing if you ask me. There isn’t even a donate button on the site, or a contact email. Enjoy it for what it is, if they have a donate option in the future and you like their services, give a little back.

Wake up America

Al Gore’s written a new book and just like that depressing video of his, he’s right again. Here is a video of Mr. Gore giving a speech on his new book, The Assault on Reason. As much as I am irritated by the way in which he gets his point across, I recognize that in order to give a politician or anyone the opportunity to say something worth saying, I have to sit and listen for more than 30 seconds. If you care at all about what is happening in your country, give Al Gore 10 minutes to give you a clue. He really hits the nail on the head and explains how Americans have been asleep at the wheel. Americans shouldn’t have to keep missing the point.

[youtube QFMa39dBT9U]

Another reason why kids need leashes

I’m entirely too hungover to read the news and come up with something erudite this morning, so I’m going to repost this YouTube video of some stupid ass child running into a breakdancing routine.


I mean, I realize that kids run around willy-nilly because they don’t know any better and as soon as you figure out how legs work, you’re off like a speeding bullet. I am sure I gave my mom years worth of migraines running up and down the aisles at church (at least I didn’t immediately burst into flame like I would if I set foot in a church now). But I’m entirely over little kids being allowed to run around like hellions. I work part-time in retail in a bi-level store and cannot tell you how many times I’ve rescued some kid before they go ass over noggin down the steps because their irresponsible parents are too busy trying on $80 Nike workout capris to notice.

So, put your kid on a leash or use a condom.

Thanks to for first look at the vid.