Finding Oregon, The Most Amazing Time Lapse Video

I’m a fan of time lapse photography, there have been several videos on Randomn3sss already but the evolution of how they are produced has progressed at breakneck speed.  Friend and fellow photographer Andipantz dropped me an email with a link to the video below, as a proud Oregonian herself, it’s apparent why so many travel there to photograph.  What Uncaged the Soul Productions have done with this time lapse video is simply unreal though, there aren’t enough adjectives to properly describe it.  Watch it in full screen mode, take it all in and enjoy it.


The Gun Markets of Pakistan

This is totally insane.  It’s sad that most people in the west never see this, and they should.

San Francisco to Paris in Two Minutes

I have become totally in love with time lapse videos, and this isn’t the first one I’ve posted here and won’t be the last.  It’s a skill I’m working on myself and hoping to get a little better at, but love the concept of this 11 hour journey over 2 minutes.


Video made by

6 Stunning Videos Shot on DSLR Cameras

The Digital SLR camera has become more than just a tool to capture still photographs, they now have the ability to capture stunning HD video.  While many opponents still frown upon videos shot on DSLRs as not being real, this collection of 6 stunning videos should change your mind.


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Street Artist Julian Beever

Two of the more popular posts over the last few years here have been of Julian Beever attacks the pavement, and the follow up, showing his amazing street art and chalk paintings.  This is another follow up, showing videos of his work instead, in progress and how he does it. Continue reading »

Amazing Time-lapse Videos Shot on Canon 5d mkII

When Canon announced the 5d mkII digital SLR camera, many photographers instantly became HD videographers as well.   In addition to being a 21mp still camera the second generation 5d captures 1080p HD video.  While this was never meant to replace a real digital video camera due to hardware limitations and memory card sizes, it does allow users to create short video clips of stunning quality, partly due to the wide array of lenses available.

One of the more fascinating things these new videographers are doing is time-lapse video footage.  A time-lapse photograph involves setting a camera on a tripod for several minutes to several hours, leaving the shutter open and allowing movement to be captured.  In the amazing photo below, a film camera was used for several hours at night and the circular motion of the stars is actually from the earth’s rotation.

Star Trails

Using the basic idea but with snippits of short video that is then merged together, very high quality time-lapse videos have started to appear on the Internet.

One of the first that really caught my eye was done by William Castleman entitled Galactic Center of Milky Way Rises over Texas Star Party.


Tom from Timescapes specializes in time-lapse cinematography and has a great collection on his website and Vimeo.



And here’s a short stop motion trip through Barcelona by dubassy.


As a photographer I find this stuff amazingly intriguing, yet don’t have the patience to create them on my own.  I do look forward to seeing this new trend evolve though.

Free hugs campaign

Yesterday I sent out a Twitter message asking people to share their favorite YouTube and Vimeo videos, @insomnic shared the free hugs campain.


Share your favroite video with me via comments here or @mikepanic.

World air traffic over 24 hours

Amazing video that twitter user @TreyRatcliff linked to:


Durex Get It On

This is and isn’t work safe, it’s funny and it’s not.  It’s a video poking fun at a very serious subject, yet done so very well.


Movie Credits:
Client    Durex
Title    Get It On
Director    Superfad
Duration    :30
Agency    Fitzgerald+CO

See the outtakes on Superfad.

How marbles are made

Found randomly via digg, pretty darn interesting too.  I’ve always wanted to learn how to blow glass, but this process takes it one step further.