Randomn3ss Refreshed

Thirty-nine months ago I launched this project known as Randomn3ss.  The sole intention was to use this site as a platform to rant, rave, give reviews, complain and write about anything I wanted.  A staff of sorts quickly started writing with me and now, this is the 899th article published!

During the lifespan and evolution of Randomn3ss many changes have been made and this now is the third re-skinning of the site and I’m very pleased.  After using premium themes to re-launch my own site and more recently a friend / client’s site it seemed to make sense that Randomn3ss would receive one too. Continue reading »

A Croaking Good Time!

I should start by noting that theater has never much been my thing. I’ve seen Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, Avenue Q etc. etc. and I enjoyed them to be sure, but not enough to pay the exorbitant price tag that inevitably goes with them. Here, in New York, I have discovered the masterpiece of theater for those of us whose goal is to drink and have a good time; Flanagan’s Wake. Continue reading »

Randomn3ss turns 2!

Two years ago today Randomn3ss started. Thank you to everyone who has contributed, read, commented, suggested links, videos and articles, it’s all really appreciated!

Photo by: aprillynn77

Not my cats, not Randomn3ss’s cats, just plain random.  Take a look at all that has been written in the Archives.

New Archives page here at Randomn3ss

Just a quick note that I will shortly be pulling the archives listed along the left sidebar of the site because they have been moved to a much cleaner, dynamic page all to themselves.  Take a look a the top and check out the new Archives Page, showing you how many articles we’ve published, the current months posts per day and all previous months.  Simply click on a previous month to expand it and see the titles, then click the title of the article you wish to read.

And because this was such a short post, enjoy this photo by: muha…

Rate Randomn3ss articles

This morning I found a pretty cool add-on to the site, a 5-star rating method.  At the bottom of each article, above the share articles are 5 stars.  One star, or the one on the left is the lowest, 5, or the one on the right is the highest.  Click on the star you think fits the article you are currently reading and the value it has.

Why should you?  This small amount of user feedback helps the staff here focus more on articles you want to read.  It’s totally anonymous too, so you shouldn’t feel bad for giving something a two or three star rating.  This rating method is not a replacement for comments, we still encourage you to leave comments whenever possible, the star rating is just another way of giving some feedback on what we’ve all written quickly and painlessly.

Share, Bookmark, Email & Print Randomn3ss articles

In the ongoing tweaking of the new template here at Randomn3ss, I’ve upgraded the social bookmarking options to each article.  At the bottom of all articles you will now see this graphic:

The icons listed left to right are,

  • Digg
  • Stumble Upon
  • del.icio.us
  • Google bookmarks
  • Facebook
  • Technorati
  • Email
  • Print

Without trying to booger up the site with a million social bookmarking and sharing sites, I’ve chosen those which are most popular.  The email and print functions are new and will allow you to do, well, they allow you to email and print articles, something that wasn’t available before.

If there is a social bookmark or sharing site that you use on a regular basis and would like to see it added, please leave a comment below.  I can add just about any of them that are available nowadays.

Randomn3ss gets a facelift!

I’ve been putting off upgrading the WordPress software that powers Randomn3ss for a while, but finally did it because I fell in love with this new layout while searching for another client’s layout.  This still needs a lot of tweaking and there are some things that are missing or in a different place, but I’ll be working on this for the next few days / weeks.  Please take a minute to use the poll

Polls PoweredBy MicroPoll

Your feedback is greatly appreciated, so please leave any and all comments and suggestions below and I’ll work towards getting them all taken care of!

Randomn3ss gets more social bookmarking options

Just a quick update to let you all know that there has been a minor change / clean up to the right sidebar here at Randomn3ss.  The RSS icon was made larger and changed to a shiny new version, below that is still the option to subscribe via email.  Below those options are new links for Stumbleupon, Technorati and Del.icio.us.  If you use any of those, please click them and fill out the information, it helps others know how rad Randomn3ss is.  Please note, those three links for the entire site of Randomn3ss, if you want to submit individual articles, please click this link (located at the bottom of every article),


and choose which social bookmarking option you want to submit to.

Again, the more you tell others, the more it helps all of us who write articles, and write more often.  If there is a particular social site you think we should add to the right sidebar, please contact me; your feedback is always appreciated.

Please welcome Elizabeth Grecco to Randomn3ss

Last week the Randomn3ss family grew with the addition of Elizabeth Grecco, who has already cranked two great articles.  Please welcome her with open arms and leave her lots of comments, she says she likes them, they make her feel warm and fuzzy inside.

The Staff page has also been updated to reflect her profile, so check it out and learn a bit more about her.  See all of Elizabeth’s articles here.

Congratulations Scott! You won the $25 iTunes gift card

On January 9th Randomn3ss celebrated one year of being online. To help celebrate, a contest was formed based on leaving a comment at your best guess when the 15,000 spam comment would be caught by the anti-spam police. At the time, there were just under 13,000 total spam comments. The prize was a $25 iTunes gift card, given to the person guessing the closest date and time without going over.

At 3:57pm EST, January 31st, the 15,000 spam comment was caught by the software. The closest was Scott, who guessed February 20th, 2:00am. Off by 20 days, he was the closest person, and while he did go over, no one else was anywhere near close nor made a guess in January. I don’t want to drag this contest out any longer so I hope no one is offended.

More contests will come in the future, if you have an idea of how you’d like the next one to be run or would like to sponsor a contest with a prize or service, please use the contact form to get in touch with me.