Get out of my head, John Faye!

So, per usual, I made the mistake of tooling around on MySpace instead of working on my grad school finals today and now I can’t get this dude out of my head.

I know I posted about him yesterday, but seriously, this song won’t leave my brain.  Just so we’re all clear – I don’t get paid by these musicians for promotion.  I met them through hanging at the Grape Street (RIP) & other local music venues.  Eventually, I went from “fan” to “friend” (although I still get all fandom giddy at times).  If getting the word out on here lets someone else become a fan, then that makes me happy.

Anyway, I posted this video in the hope that it’ll have “The Ring” effect – if I put it in someone else’s head, maybe it will leave mine and let me work on my Mass Comm Theory final… le sigh.

Here’s John Faye of IKE (formerly of The Caulfields and John Faye Powertrip… “Miss Catch-22,” holla!), performing a solo acoustic version of “Just a Moment.”  IKE’s last show with rockin’ bassist Joann Schmidt is at World Cafe Live (31st & Walnut, Philadelphia, PA) on December 26.  Also performing are Jealousy Curve, Matt Duke, and The Caulfields.  You can get 20% discounted tickets through


Debate Reactions: Jaxon on Palin

The title of this piece would make a great name for a porno.  Thankfully, it’s not.  Below you’ll find my friend Jaxon’s take on last week’s Vice Presidential debate between Senator Joe Biden and Governor Sarah Palin.  Jax isn’t a writer by trade, but he makes several relevant points with his own sense of style.  Feel free to comment on this site or on his MySpace page.  Residents of the greater Philadelphia area can tune in to hear Jaxon on 93.3 WMMR weekdays from 3-7pm.


Tonight I plan on making a Pepto-Bismol milkshake. 2 tablespoons of Pepto-Bismol. 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream. Blend. Drink. I’m feeling nauseous. I suspect it has something to do with this grating voice I keep hearing in my head. The voice keeps repeating the word “maverick” in this God-awful accent that I can only describe as maybe the sound made by the offspring of a dyed-in-the-wool Minnesotan and a retarded polar bear. The voice stops every few minutes only to be replaced by the same irritating voice repeating “NUKECULEAR”.

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Check out my reviews!

Hey guys,

I just started a gig doing concert reviews for Electric Factory Concerts/Live Nation here in Philly. They posted my latest review on their MySpace – please help a sista out, read it, and post a comment if the spirit moves you! I caught the Unity Tour with Snoop Dogg and 311 – totally rad, despite lots of technical glitches.

Go HERE to check it out.


Get Ready Cali – Fat City Reprise is coming!

People of California: take note of that RV sputtering over the horizon. It is filled with more debauchery, shake-your-ass funk, and hair than you could imagine. The boys of Fat City Reprise (and a couple of their friends) are coming your way for a 6-week tour of your fair state. Since you’re stealing them from us in Philly, you MUST go see them. They, along with Jealousy Curve who I posted about on Monday, are one of the finest bands to come from this area.

Fat City appeared on Fox’s American Band but didn’t make it nearly as far as they should have. In fact, their antics are so amusing that they stream them via webcam (more info on their MySpace here). This group of guys has been through a lot – line-up changes, friends coming and going – but they’ve stayed strong. Not only are they talented, but they are incredibly passionate and surround themselves with an equally passionate support system. Luckily, this passion translates to their rousing stage performances. I’ve said it before, but if Fat City doesn’t get you up and dancing, then you just should have stayed home.

Take note of the Beatles influences in their new song “Love” (that’s the name, right guys?) and their exuberant cover of “Hey Bulldog.” They also play plenty of tracks from their self-titled CD, out last May. The ten tracks are tight, but make sure you’re finished with your beer by “Same Old Song” so you can fully utilize your limbs for the dancin’. Guys – you might want to consider not only going with your girlfriend, but handcuffing yourself to her during the entirety of the show. Her box is sure to be rocked like no other.

Below, of course, is their tour flyer. Head on over to their MySpace to check out their songs and leave comments!

Godspeed, Fat City soldiers. I miss you boys!!

Go see Jealousy Curve. Now.

This is one of two posts on Philly’s incredibly talented local music scene.

This one is about the band Jealousy Curve, comprised of four consummate musicians and fronted by my good buddy Mike Leavy. They are embarking on a three-week East Coast tour to promote the new stuff they’ve written and to melt faces outside of the Illadelph. Their most recent single, Black Widow, is included on Jaxon’s Local Shots Vol. 4 and is getting pretty steady airplay on 93.3 WMMR.

The kick-off show at Grape Street was incredible; props to Dave Sikorski, their bassist, for suffering through vomiting and the flu to put on a bangin’ show. Steve (or Fash) their guitarist rips through songs with a maniacal intensity without overpowering his bandmates. And as for Shane, their drummer – wait for the waterworks, the dude knows how to perform.

Jealousy Curve is straight ahead modern rock, no screamo or cheese here. The lyrics are catchy and smart. The riffs get you moving and are hard enough to satisfy your boyfriend who you dragged to the show. Leavy’s voice is stunning; their cover of Radiohead’s You shows his range from soft and melodic to raw screaming emotion. I find it hard to compare Jealousy Curve to anyone, mostly because I haven’t heard a solid group like this in a while. I would say they are part Radiohead (Pablo Honey-era), Matchbox 20 or Third Eye Blind (when they rocked… this is not up for argument, they definitely did), and Breaking Benjamin (except JCurve’s songs don’t all sound the same).

I’ll post their schedule below, but also check out their MySpace and give them a listen! If you get to one of their shows, don’t be afraid to say hi to them afterward. On top of being kickass musicians, they’re also pretty sweet dudes.


MySpace now showing Amber Alerts for your local area

I just logged into MySpace today to, well to check MySpace out and saw something kind of unusual an Amber Alert. Back in January I told you that MySpace was going to add Amber Alerts, Right above where it says Hello, Mike Panic (once you are logged in, above your default photo on the left) was a link that said,

ATTENTION: There is an Amber Alert in your area.
Please CLICK HERE to find out more information.

Now I’m very aware that MySpace is far from secure and peoples accounts get hacked or taken over on a daily basis, usually due to password phishing, but I know I didn’t login anywhere unusual. Intrigued, I clicked the link and the screenshot to the right came into view. Please note that the screenshot I took is real, those kids are missing, it is not false information.

This is a great thing for MySpace to offer to utilize this system, there are millions of people online daily and hopefully this will bring more attention to child kidnappings. It is sad to see it actually in effect now though.
Offical Amber Alert website:

Remember When Tool Had 3 Fans? Me Neither.

So – for those of us youngin’s who don’t remember when Tool wasn’t a huge rock band (albeit one with a cult following), I give you the following YouTube video.  Think of it as an early Christmas present (kind of kind the Maynard James Keenan who is gagged, bound, and gift wrapped under my tree).  It was recorded at J.C. Dobbs, an old club in Philly, back in 1992.  I am almost positive that I met the cameraman on Thursday night; we were at the WMMR/Project H.O.M.E. benefit at the Khyber.  This guy Michael and I were comparing notes on our concert experiences and he kicked my ass with this one.  It occurred when Maynard had a mohawk-mullet and was able to face the audience because there were… 7 people in it.  Seriously.  Wait until the very end of video because you can disctinctly hear 14 hands clapping.  Anyway, Michael said he had a video camera there and I am guessing that this might be him.  Either way, this is for you, soldier.

And thank you to Mark, bassist for one of the kickassest bands in Philly, for posting this on his MySpace first.



OiNK is coming back online thanks to The Pirate Bay

Only three days after OiNK was raided and shut down by the police, The Pirate Bay has vowed to bring the OiNK trackers back online.  Torrent Freak is reporting,

The Pirate Bay is currently working on an OiNK replacement in an attempt to bring the hundreds of thousands of music albums back online that disappeared during the raid. The replacement will be released within a week and on the domain.

BOiNK will probably be ready in a few days.

BOiNK is a Pirate Bay only project, OiNK and other BitTorrent sites are not involved.

While I am really stoked that The Pirate Bay is willing to give the finger to IFPI, the RIAA and lots of other silly acronyms.  Point is, the music industry needs to wake up and look at the bigger picture.  The masses don’t want to pay 99c a song on iTunes for crappy quality music that has is crippled with DRM.  Radiohead released their 7th album for free, asked their fans to pay what they thought it was worth, it has done really well.  The rich music moguls need to realize that with sites like MySpace, bands are handling their own releases, putting out their own CDs and getting pretty well known, maybe not commercial radio station or MTV famous, but they do OK.  The money is there, people want to go to clubs and see live music, smaller bands can still cash in and enjoy doing what they do, but consumers don’t want to get raped for enjoying the music.

Blog Action Day, the visual experience

Randomn3ss is taking part in Blog Action Day, which is fast approaching. Since the start of the contest to win a Nalgene Refill Not Landfill bottle, I wanted to try to encourage more blogers to take part in the event on October 15th. The video below should hopefully help you understand a little more what exactly the event is all about. Even if you don’t have your own blog, you can still participate by blogging on my MySpace or other social networking site, which will help bring awareness.

[youtube WfO8mGjXoe8]

MySpace implements Captcha technology, sometimes

Captcha is that thing that most of us hate when filling out some online form. It is a series of random numbers and letters, usually barely readable that one must enter to prove we are human and not some machine trying to spam people. Webmasters love them however and they doo work, and drasticly cutting down on spam for most services.

Today, while logged into MySpace, I was replying to a message someone sent me. I’m not a heavy user there, a few messages daily and every couple of days someone leaves me a comment so I’ll comment back. After typing my short response I hit the reply button to see this big Captcha warning:

Now I don’t mind filling them out, but please tell me that MySpace isn’t planning on rolling them out fulltime? I have since replied to two other messages and have not seen it again, but if this becomes a regular thing, expect my use of the social networking site to be severly curbed.