And The $25 Gift Card for Canvas on Demand Goes To…

Last month I announced a long overdue contest for a $25 gift card for Canvas on Demand.  The contest brought 36 entries and ended last night.  This morning I used’s number generator and it picked lucky number 7, Randomn3ss commenter WIll.  WIll, I’ll be sending you an email shortly, please reply to it to verify and I’ll pass along the coupon code for Canvas on Demand!

If for some reason WIll doesn’t reply in a day or three, I’ll choose a new number and try this again.

Free $25 Gift Card for Canvas on Demand

From time to time I get random things in the mail, yesterday a gift card for Canvas On Demand showed up.  Right now  I have no need for canvas prints but figured I’d give it away to someone who could use it rather than throwing it in the trash.

I’ve had Canvas on Demand do gallery wrapped canvas prints for me in the past and the quality is always top notch and the packaging is second to none.  Canvas is still my preferred way to showcase photography and looks amazing hung on a wall. Continue reading »

Help Fight Cancer and Win a Griffin Elan Form Graphite iPhone Case

It’s been a long time since we’ve run a contest here at Randomn3ss, this one not only has a unique prize for all you iPhone owners out there, the cause and benefit is far greater.  This contest will also be run in a slightly different fashion, hopefully easier to enter for everyone.

The prize is a Griffin Elan Form Graphite iPhone 3G Case, possibly one of the nicest, most modern cases I’ve seen for the iPhone with a similar to carbon fiber look on the back.


Not only is the Elan Form one of the most attractive cases, it’s one of the most functional.  Griffin, a company that constantly puts out products that impress, included the EasyDock function into the case.  The lower 1/3rd of the case slides off allowing you to properly dock your 3G iPhone into nearly any device without an adapter.   A shatter-proof polycarbonate inner shell protects your beloved iPhone while a static peel screen guards the touch-screen.  They even include a cleaning cloth!  At $35 retail, this is worth every cent to protect the spendy investment of an iPhone.

The Contest

Starting right now, the contest is open to anyone in the USA (sorry everyone else, shipping / customs becomes a pain) and will run through midnight EST on May 31st, 2009.  To enter the contest, make a donation on my behalf to the Livestrong Challenge I’m riding my bike in this August, read why I’m doing it and click the link to donate here.  You will receive one entry into the contest for every $5 you donate, no limit.  For example, if you donate $25 you will receive five entries.  On June 1st I will tally up all the entries and draw one at random, please make sure you use a valid email when you donate, as that is how I will contact you.  All donations go directly to the Livestrong Foundation, no money will go to me and all donations are tax deductible.

Powered by DailyMile!

Last month I was happy to announce that DailyMile had gone public, and I have been using it as an early Beta tester to track miles and workouts, which in turn helped me to meet and exceed some of my goals.  At the same time, Kelly and Ben, the amazing co-owners of DailyMile held a contest giving away a 1gb iPod shuffle, I won!

It arrived almost two weeks ago, but this is the first chance I’ve had to take a quality photo and write the article.  Check out the engraving!  I was planning on buying one anyway for running outside when Pennsylvania thaws out, so I couldn’t be happier when it was announced I had won!

Thank you Kelly and Ben for such an amazing site and community, and the personalized shuffle!  Start tracking your miles now at and add me as a friend, try to catch my mileage!

Her Majesty Shagswell has won herself the Pimps and Ho’s game

And we have a winner in the Pimps and Ho’s board game contest that ran from earlier this month until this past Wednesday, Her Magesty Shagswell.  May no pimp slap you, enjoy the game!

Where ma baby powder at, I gotta slap a ho!

Photo by: Mandi Gaga

For those who didn’t win, thanks for playing, please try again next time.  If you can’t wait to play now, you can order the game here.

Win Pimps and Ho’s board game, just in time for the HO-lidays

Last month I reviewed the new board game Pimps and Ho’s, several Randomn3ss readers sent me messages about how cool the game looked.  It is, and to prove it, I’m giving one away with The Whole Wad expansion pack.  Total value is $69.99.  Here’s how to enter.

Follow the directions below to get your Pimp Name and post it as a comment with a valid email address (hidden from public, but I need a way to contact you).  That’s it.

Please read all the directions and look at all the screen captures prior to clicking the link to get started!

Click here to get your pimp name (will open in a new window or tab for you automatically).

Fill out this information:

Click Submit

Your pimp name will be generated, click the word Code where the red arrow is pointing:

Highlight all the text and right click and choose copy, as shown by the red arrow (CTRL + C or CMD + C for advanced users):

Come back to the window or tab that this article is in and fill out your Name, Email and Website (if you have one).  In the Comment box, right click and paste, as shown by the red arrow (CTRL + V or CMD + V for advanced users):

You should now see a whole bunch of text in the comment box, as shown below.  Click on the Submit Comment button to leave your comment.  I’d also suggest prior to submitting you tick the Notify me of followup comments via e-mail option so you can stay up to date with this article.

That’s it, you’ve entered!  This contest will run until midnight EST on December 17th, 2008.  On the 18th I will randomly select one Pimp from all the replies.  That should be enough time for me to mail this out and you get it prior to the holidays if you are thinking of re-gifting.  I do ask that you take a photo of yourself holding it and email me the photo so I can share it with everyone, and please wear your most Pimp outfit.

If you can’t wait and need to play now, you can order the game here.

Disclaimer: Randomn3ss nor myself are in any way affiliated with, the website that has the Pimp Name Generator.  Additionally, this contest is only open to residents in the USA.  If you would like to enter and live in another country, please contact me to discuss shipping costs and import duties that you would be required to cover prior to entering.

Trying to win $5,000 for the ASPCA

One of the blogs that I read every few days about blogging is John Chow’s.  Over the last year or so he’s paired up with several of his sponsors to give prizes away and I’ve tried to win them by making posts here, see this search result.  Thus far, I have not.  His newest contest is pretty interesting and by making this post, I’m now entered.

John Chow is holding a new contest to give away $6,000 in CASH! $5,000 would go to the charity of your choice and $1,000 will go to you to spend however you want. If I win, I would give the $5K to the ASPCA and I would put the $1,000 into my Roth IRA.

The contest is being sponsored by is a tiny url service that will shorten long URLs, essential for sending links out on Twitter which limits the number of characters you can post per tweet. Sign up for an account and check it out!

That’s it, I’m entered.  Wish me and the ASPCA luck.

Pimps and Ho’s is better than Santa’s ho-ho-ho

As a child I always enjoyed the game of Monopoly, up until a point where I realized how I could better my odds at winning and the game was really played, i.e., buy everything you land on no matter what.  So now in my [late] 20’s, what would be worth playing with friends that is similar, yet much more twisted?

Pimps and Ho’s is like Monopoly if Jules Winnfield slapped it like a $10 street walker with an open hand.  Yes, it’s an offensive game that degrades women, men and people as a whole.  Aside from that, some of the questions are enough to make you feel just a little bit embarrassed.  The idea of the game is to move around the board on the way to pimp supremacy.  Along the way you will find obstacles and haters that are trying to keep you down.

Some of the cars included are, One of your ho’s lipped off to you, so you bitched-slapped the unruly ho. Pay the clinic $50 for their care, and Take $500 from any rival pimp and send him to the “big house.” No one disrespects you! This clearly isn’t the game you want to play with your kids, but with some adult friends, it could be a blast.  If you do get sent to the big house, you could face some tuff choices, like this one, The warden calls you to his office and makes you whistle Dixie on his skin flute.  You play it like a pro.  He grants you a full pardon.  You’re out of the Big House.

I don’t play video games, I haven’t in almost 15 years, but board games have and always will entertained me.  This game seriously looks like fun and can lead to some interesting side-discussions with the right group of friends.  The goal is to make $1,500 but the man will try to keep you down.  If your girls end up in jail they can’t make you any money until you bail them out and if they fail to pass a health exam, you’ll be out more loot.

The board game retails for $29.99 from the Pimps and Ho’s website, and there are plenty of expansion packs, or you can buy The Whole Wad which includes all 7 of the expansion packs for $69.99.

The best part, I have The Whole Wad to give away!  You’ll get the Pimps and Ho’s board game and all 7 expansion packs, stay tuned for full details on how to enter, they will be posted soon.  If you can’t wait, you can order the game here.

1800 Tequila Bottle Contest; Support SeyOne

My good friend and fellow artist SeyOne has designed five unique bottles in the 1800 Tequila Bottle design contest.  The winner gets their design put into full production.  Bonus, one of the bottles SeyOne designed features my photography!  Using the flash applet below, please rate each of the 5 bottles with 5 stars, using the arrow to move right and left.  You can vote once per day and I’m hoping that all Randomn3ss readers can help my friend [and me] out on this one, we need your support and votes!


Win an i2i Stream, Share Digital Audio Without Wires

Contest time!  We haven’t run a contest in awhile so when the opportunity came up to review and give out an i2i Stream 2-pack I jumped at it.  These little buggers can transmit audio wirelessly from just about any device and broadcast it through any device.  So, if you have a laptop full of music on your dining room table and you want to play sound from it through your home audio system that is in your living room, simply plug in one unit to the laptop and the other to your home audio system, i2i Stream takes care of the rest.  What else can you do with them?  Say you are going on a long road trip and two of you want to listen to the same music from an iPod or similar mp3 player but one person is in the front seat and the other is in the back.  Plug one i2i Stream into the iPod and give the other to the person with just headphones, the music will now stream between the two!

There are lots of applications for this product, anything that makes sound and anything that receives sound can use them.  How good does it really work?  Check out the perfect 5-star rating they get from people who have used them on  Point is, these are really cool, and worth over $100! For the best home audio experience try connecting this device with a home speaker system that truly delivers.

The rules.  For this contest, I will be giving you four ways to earn entries, I will then choose at random one entry and email that winner at the end of the contest.  The more entries you earn, the more chances you have to win.  You will have 24 hours to reply, if they do not, I will at random pull another name and keep going until someone wins.

  1. Leave a comment to this article with your favorite Band / Album / Artist.  Earn 1 entry
  2. Make a bulletin post on MySpace about this contest.  Make sure you are friends with me first, make the bulletin post describing the contest and a link back to this article, then send me a message via MySpace notifying me to look for the bulletin.  Once I verify the bulletin, you will earn 2 entries.  You can only earn these 2 entries once, although mor bulletin posts are encouraged.
  3. Subscribe to the Email Newsletter and activate your subscription (sign up under the orange RSS icon at the top left of this site).  Non-activated subscriptions will not be counted.  If you already subscribe to the email newsletter you are already entered!  Earn 5 entries
  4. Make a blog post on your own blog, LiveJournal, MySpace, Vox or almost any other website about this contest, i2i Stream, and a link back to this article about the contest.  Earn 8 entries.  You may only do this once.

Your sample bulletin post on MySpace and / or blog could look something like this:

Mike Panic of is giving away an i2i Stream valued at over $100 and I’m trying to win it.  The i2i Stream will allow me to stream music wirelessly and this is something I seriously want to do.  By making this bulletin post / blog post I’ve earned 2 / 8 entries in the contest and you can do the same by entering here: http://www.blogpostgoes

If you do all 4 items you could earn 16 entries to the contest. Contest will end Midnight EST November 15th, 2008.

Bonus: First person to submit this article to will get an additional 5 entries.  You can earn 1 additional entry by digging this article after the first person has dugg it.

Bonus 2: First person to submit this article to StumbleUpon will get an additional 5 entries.  You can earn 1 additional entry by stumbling this page after the first person has and leaving a comment / review on it.

Fine print.  Winner must live in the lower 48 states and / or have a US mailing address (so yes, if you are in the military I can ship to you no problem).  Winner will take a photo of themselves with their new product and email it to me (pretty please?) to use in a follow up article.  Not required but really encouraged of the winner, write a review of how you like the product once you’ve had a chance to use it.  Your article will be published here on Randomn3ss with a link back to your personal site / blog / MySpace / etc.

Update: If you live in Canada, check out this contest.