Best Use of Twitter: Download The TRV$DJAM Mixtape In Exchange For One Tweet

TRV$DJAMLast night while going through recent tweets from friends, I saw this one from Cap Cee:

Download the new #trvsdjam mixtape “Fix Your Face Vol. 2 – Coachella 09” in exchange for one tweet!

While I’m not a huge fan of either Travis Barker or DJ AM, I do like the combined efforts of both.   When you click on the link, you’re asked to make one tweet in order to get the download, sounds like  pretty even trade.  Clicking the link that says Go To Twitter utilizes Twitter’s open API system, requring you to login using your Twitter username and password.  Once you do this, a Tweet will be sent out with exactly how Cap Cee sent his out and you can then download the entire mixtape, Fix Your Face Vol. 2 – Coachella ’09.

The download was amazingly fast and I’ll be honest, I really enjoyed the mix.  I’m sure you could get this off a bittorrent site without sending the tweet out, bit I don’t think they are asking too much for a decent quality mixtape.

Of all the Twitter contests, promotions and scams, this is by far one of the best uses of Twitter I’ve seen to date.  Ironicly, there is no mention of a TRV$DJAM twitter account to follow them, so they aren’t even hoping to get more followers, they just want to utiliz Twitter to spread the word.  Free viral advertising at its finest.

Fix Your Face Vol. 2 - Coachella '09 TRV$DJAM Mixtape

Exclusive Interview with Chuck Billy of Testament

This is a guest post by Markus Goldman, a DJ at WMMR in Philadelphia.

Today I was able to speak with Chuck Billy, lead vocalist of the metal band Testament. We spoke about many a subject including their current US Tour where the fans are picking the set list for their town by voting at Testament’s MySpace page.  We also chatted about Europe, European fans, suits being afraid of metal, the San Fran scene of the late 70s and 80s, Their latest record – The Formation of  Damnation, Beating Cancer, Testament’s Dubai Show, and the Troc in Philly.

Testament will be at the Troc on Wednesday, May 27th with Unearth and Lazarus A.D. Go to the Testament MySpace to vote for the songs you want to hear when they hit Philly. Chuck Billy was very easy to talk to and quite interesting.


Price is Right Goes Green

I am sure you’ve heard it, Bob Barker signing off The Price is Right by telling folks to be sure to spay and neuter their dogs and cats.  When Drew Carey took over, he continued the tradition, and this Wednesday he is taking his ecological message a few steps further.

With Ed Begley Jr. guest starring, the Price is Right will feature Earth-Friendly products such as a Toyota Prius, an electric cart, cell phones made out of recycled materials, solar charging equipment, an electric bike, and a recycling cabinet.  The trips given away will be paired with carbon-emissions credits to offset the ecological impact of traveling.

While this is all, of course, in recognition of Earth Day, I hope that the producers see the benefit of being green and incorporate more eco-friendly products into future episodes as well!

Happy Darwin Day!

@scpi reminded me that today is the 200th aniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin.  Go celebrate!

Book review: It’s Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life by Lance Armstrong

While reading through Heft on Wheels a few weeks back I made some mental notes, mainly of the the authors remarks about how he read in Lance Armstrong‘s book, It’s Not About the Bike and was inspired to climb Beech Mountain in North Carolina.  Mike did it to prove something to himself, but I was curious why it had inspired him, so I ordered a copy of the book and read it over about a weeks time.

Wow.  That’s about all I have to say.  The book is as the title suggests, it’s a story about a cocky kid who was dealt a few bad cards in life and rides his bike to get away from the troubles he has.  Only, it’s not about the bike or riding at all.  Sure this book has a few paragraphs in a chapter here and there about the technical aspects of riding and why Lance rides and all that stuff, but it’s much deeper than that.

Having known little about Lance Armstrong prior to reading this book, other than he’s won the Tour de France 7 times and a slew of other races, has had one nut cut off, used to date a few celebrities and started the Livestrong movement making it fashionable to wear a yellow rubber wristband, I knew very little about who he really was.  His book reads more like a confession, about riding too hard and too fast, racing one day and literally having surgery to remove cancer the next day and his intense physical pains while going through chemotherapy treatments.  Lance also goes into great detail about the emotional bonds between his friends, being stabbed in the back by some sponsors and still fully embraced by others.

It’s an inspiration to say the least and makes it easy to identify what it must be like to live with cancer, from both a first person point of view and through the eyes of his family.  Nothing is left untouched, even the conception of Armstrong’s first child had details most would never dream of sharing.

For cycling fans, there are some really good passages about how Lance gets spanked early on in his riding career, then post-cancer training through Europe and how he prepared himself for winning his first Tour.  While all this is going on, he confesses his emotional sins about not wanting to race, to drink beer and play golf and work whatever crap job he can just to feed those habits.

Cycling fan or not, this is a book worth reading, if nothing more than to see the struggle that Armstrong has survived through and now thrives from.  Having read this, I feel a bit more proud to support his cause in the 2009 Philadelphia Livestrong Challenge.

As a side note, Amazon has this book used for as little as $4 shipped, click here to order one.

STFU John Mayer

I’m not a big fan of people outside my profession telling me how to do it.  However, I guess that John Mayer is allowed to since I talk about musicians all the time.  I still have a problem with him, being a muscian, being allowed to blog on The Huffington Post… and yeah, it’s because I’m jealous.

What I really have the problem with?  This sentence:

“[Don Rickles] made Perez Hilton look like a sycophant.”

Well – no shit.  Perez Hilton is a sycophant.  A sycophany who happens to be wildly popular (a phenomenon whose logic escapes me).  Panic – don’t EVEN think of linking to him – I don’t want to give him the traffic.  Also, Hilton’s so three years ago – there are so many other gossip blogs that are legitimately humorous and don’t get off on drawing jizz on the faces of celebrities.  Clearly, Mayer doesn’t read them (or maybe doesn’t want to admit that they’re actually… gulp… funny).

Yeah, Don Rickles is great, I get it.  But lauding him at the expense of the people who write gossip blogs puts you in the same realm of the people you bash.  Oh, and while you’re an incredibly accomplished guitar player, your first album sucks.

Read the whole article here.

Review: Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic, Yak Ballz, Kosha Dillz & Grayskul at The Trocadero in Philadelphia August 19th, 2008

Tuesday August 19th I headed to Philadelphia after work with some friends to hit one of my more favorite venues, the Trocadero, to see Aesop Rock perform.  The trip down was uneventful; the rest of the night was very memorable.

We got in just after 8pm and the sound check was finishing up, shortly there after Grayskul came out to hype the audience and get the show started.

First thing I noticed they only had the beats playing in the background, second thing, no hype men.  This is how hip-hop should be.  Get out there; show me you can rhyme on stage to your beats, not rhyming over your voice from a record.  Between the third and fourth song they asked the crowd who had their new album, I was in the bleachers at the time and saw only a few hands go up, they said, “3, great, we gonna change that tonight.”  They did, they had the crowd moving, digging on their style and they made a fan out of me and I bet everyone else there.

Yak Ballz with Kosha Dillz came on next, the audience clearly knew who they were and were amped.  Again, no voices on the tracks their DJ was spinning, tons of energy.

Yak delivers his rhymes with such precision while Kosha Dillz complimented him that this under-card team could have been center stage.  Extremely energetic set that left the crowds salivating for Aesop Rock.

After a minor change to the set to reconfigure the DJ booth for DJ Big Wiz, Aesop took to the stage with Rob Sonic.  Aesop, dressed only in a plain white t-shirt and a pair of jeans, brought the crowed to a new level of energy.  Rob Sonic supported the next dozen or so songs with such passion you would have thought he wrote them himself.  This guy gets what it is to be on the state with someone else.

Aesop’s set was amazing; hearing him spit live is something everyone who loves hip-hop should experience.  He gets it.  He understands that his sound is unique, how his bars mesh together and at what point to let Rob take over or some of the crowd for feedback, and it’s all in the right proportions.  Aesop’s lyrics are as much audible as they are visual, watching him move around the stage he actually tells the story with hand gestures and movement; his music never really relied on catchy hooks the audience would have to sing along too, another part of this show I really enjoyed.  Rob’s a larger guy, you’d never know by how he ran around stage and never missed a lyric, queue, timing or sounded winded.  Again, this is a true MC, someone who has mastered breathing and stage presence to deliver the best show possible.

After None Shall Pass, goodnights were said and they left the stage, the audience started to chant AE-SOP, AE-SOP and a few minutes later he came back onstage.  A short speech about how he truly appreciated everyone in Philly, since it was often his proving ground outside New York City, Aesop broke into an amazing freestyle.  He then asked if Philly artist Mr. Lif was in the audience.  Sure enough, Lif was and they got him on stage, where the two of them, along with Rob Sonic traded back and forth and gave the crowd about 10 minutes of freestlyin’.   As they finished, the house lights came on, everyone left the stage and people started to leave the venue.  I stuck around till the end, something about being in an empty venue I’ve always enjoyed, then watched the stage hands come out and start breaking down the stage and packing up, off to another city.

This tour is not to be missed.  Cliché, I know, but in all seriousness, if you like true hip hop, not the crap that is shown on 98% of TV, go spend the $20 or so on a ticket and escape into the madness of lyrics Aesop Rock and everyone else will throw at you.

To see all the photos, please click here.

EXCLUSIVE: Filming of Transformers 2 photos and videos

Last week my local paper ran an article about Michael Bay filming for a few days at the site of the former Bethlehem Steel for the Transformers 2 movie. The Steel is about 15 minutes from my home, but I have yet to make it over there to check things out. Lucky for me (and you!), some friends of mine have. What you see below are exclusive shots shared only with Randomn3ss for your viewing pleasure. From what has been discussed at the location, the scene being filmed is part of the opening sequence that takes place in China. All images and video coyprighted to YUL and SciPi.

Video by SciPi:


Photos by YUL:













Thank you to SciPi and YUL. More video footage and photographs are being edited and this will be updated shortly.

Kidd Chris Gets His

Ending a long-standing war between Kidd Chris and everyone else, WYSP 94.1 finally fired the shock jock’s ass. Not only was he unfunny (at least in my opinion), but racist as he played a song by musically-regrettable Lady Gash. He played it not once… but twice… and repeated clips of it throughout the month of March, also prompting the firing of WYSP’s program director, John Cook. Further info on the official corporate response and the offending song can be found at Dan Gross’s Daily News column here.

You know, I’m glad this guy got his. Kidd Chris represents the stereotypical “Pennsyltucky” persona – xenophobic, undereducated, and angry at nothing. Maybe I just don’t personally find his brand of humor to be amusing – and, hey, to each their own – but I think you cross a line when you play blatantly racist music, get your rocks off by attempting to humiliate competing personalities (because you apparently can’t get by on your own), and generally cast a pessimistic shadow over the community. Granted, traditionally “black” radio stations and personalities (Wendy Williams, anyone?) blast white people all the time, promoting a sick double-standard that’s all too prevalent in this ultra-PC (at least for white people) society. I think racism and ethnic persecution is ugly, no matter who is doing it. I am saying that it doesn’t matter who is doing it – it’s never right.

I guess the reaction from most people would be – “You don’t like it, don’t listen.” That’s definitely my stance (if you hate my writing and my blog, fuck off, don’t read it). However, I was disgusted by the effect Kidd Chris had on friends of mine in the industry. His egging on of listeners to harass and threaten other radio personalities was sickening to me and I’m surprised it took this long to can his ass. Everyone is entitled to an opinion (hey, you hate Preston and Steve? Great, that’s totally your call and I respect that. I have no opinion regardless), but the limit of opinion exists at the line where the comfort and livelihood of another sentient being is threatened.

If you like him, follow Kidd Chris to satellite or bumblefuck or wherever the hell he ends up. I don’t wish him ill will, I’m just glad that motherfucker is out of my airwaves and done embarrassing my city. We’re better than this, Philly… aren’t we?

Maybe he’s a furrie at heart?

Here. Just look at the picture below. It’s been in all the major print news outlets since Monday morning. In Metro, it was juxtaposed next to a headline with Bush’s comment that the deaths of 4,000 American soldiers in Iraq has not been in vain.

And shame on you, Easter Bunny. I thought you were better than this – a partisan attention whore who jumps in on any photo-op possible, despite the fact that you are inextricably attached to a religiously-based holiday in a country where church and state are to remain separate. For shame, Easter Bunny!! Added to the fact that I got Luna bars instead of Reese’s peanut butter eggs, now I’m really pissed at you (are you calling me fat, Easter Bunny??). You just keep being pink and fluffy and emotionless with those big, coked-out pupils and hug the demon next to you. By the way, don’t get too cozy – his reign of terror ends on January 20, 2008.

Do you have your barf bags ready? Here’s the picture:
bush and bunny