More than two weeks ago I was really excited about a new site I found called Will you need an umbrella today? It’s a service that sends you a text message to tell you if you should take an umbrella with you.  Simple setup, clean design, I wanted to love this.  Four days after signing up I had a 50% delivery rate of the text messages and both were hours late.  Not much has changed since I signed up for the service.

Photo by: Tyler J. Clemens VIII

Delivery is spotty at best and I’ve yet to receive one message on time, the closest was 6 minutes past the delivery time I chose and that was the exception, most that were delivered showed up hours later.  While the service costs nothing, seems to have no business model for turning a profit off the site and is a one-trick poney, I still think it has a purpose.  I won’t be unsubscribing just yet, rather do a follow up sometime after the new year to see if any improvements happen.