This is a guest post by Jana K. Hoffman, the editorial assistant at Lehigh Valley Style and freelance fashion writer. You can also read her stuff on BettyLife.

Let me tell you why bigger is, as a matter of fact, always better — when it comes to sunglasses, that is. I don’t quite know when my addiction for large, bug-eye sunglasses occurred, but ever since I tried my first pair on several years ago (I think when it first became trendy) I’ve never quite looked at sunglasses the same.

Big Sunglasses

First of all, they really are attention grabbers. Not that I’m desperate for people’s comments, but if you’re looking to make a few heads turn, try on a pair of extra-large frames. Be prepared to accept both positive and negative responses. Not everyone digs large sunglasses, you know.

Secondly, they are so fun! Need I say more? I have pink frames, tortoise-inspired, bronze, embellished, the list goes on, really.

They’re cheap. Or, well, they can be cheap. I don’t spend much money on sunglasses because I know they’ll get tossed around my in car and purse so I look to places like Target and the flea market for inexpensive and vintage styles.

Large sunglasses are still “in” even if they’re not the marketed fashion trend of the season. I don’t think they’ll ever go out of style. And even if they do, who cares? No one says you have to follow trends, anyway.

Finally, they scream personality. Oh, those boring, black round little lenses are rather drab. Add some punch to any outfit with an eye-catching pair of big, BIG, sunglasses.