Entries from: June 2010

June | 15 Inspiring Photos

June is the sixth month of the calendar year and the last three weeks of spring because on the 21st summer officially starts!  These 15 photos personify June across the country in many different ways.  How do you plan to spend the last few days of spring and the first few days of summer?

Pinnacle Rock #4 - Point Lobos, California

Photo By PatrickSmithPhotography

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6 Stunning Videos Shot on DSLR Cameras

The Digital SLR camera has become more than just a tool to capture still photographs, they now have the ability to capture stunning HD video.  While many opponents still frown upon videos shot on DSLRs as not being real, this collection of 6 stunning videos should change your mind.


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Nail Salon Etiquette

There’s a lot to be said about dinner etiquette, please and thank you gestures, and just manners in general. In a nail salon, etiquette may not be set in stone, but a lot of it is just common sense. For the people who don’t realize this, chances are, someone is watching.

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