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Wal-Mart Throwing Away Ripe Produce

Ripe produce being thrown away

Wasted food irks me, a lot.  Not just because I enjoy eating and am equally tight about spending money, but because it’s just downright wasteful on so many levels.  From time to grow, fuel to harvest and transport to market, merchandising and selling at the store, when food is thrown out it costs a lot of people in a supply chain a lot of money.  A recent late night trip opened my eyes to what I’ve only heard about and seen on TV. Continue reading »

SoBe Lifewater with Coconut Water Mango Mandarin has neither Mango nor Mandarin

SoBe LifeWater with coconut water but no mango or mandrainYesterday I drove about an hour to do a photo recon mission for a possible upcoming shoot.  It was in the low to mid 80’s and I didn’t think to take a bottle of water with me, all my focus was on packing camera gear.  After the drive, a half mile walk to the location, two hours walking around and exploring, then re-tracing the half mile walk, all while being out in the sun, I was rather parched.  First order of business when returning to my car was to stop at the nearest gas station and get some water.

About 3 miles down the road I pulled into a gas station and upon entering, I thought to myself I should probably get coconut water to better hydrate, and I like the taste.  I was elated to see they carried the larger bottles of VitaCoco, but they didn’t have the flavor I wanted, and plain would have been fine if I wasn’t drawn to what was right next to them on the shelf.  SoBe Lifewater with coconut and mango mandarin.  A mango fan I am, I opened the door to grab a bottle and noticed a small Buy one get one Free on all Lifewater.  Perfect, two 20oz bottles it is.

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The State of Wikipedia

Randomn3ss reader Jen passed along this great infographic on Wikipedia, and how it has effected Encyclopedia Britannica and other aspects of our lives.  In it you’ll notice that it states library usage is declining, however I’m convinced more of us are reading, and reading more than ever before.  click photo for larger version.

The State of wikipedia

Infographic courtesy of Open Site.

Get Cash To Buy The iPad 3 By Selling Your Old Tech Gear

In case you were living under a rock today, Apple announced the third generation iPad today, featuring HD video playback, better this and all of that.  So, for you early adopters who are dying to upgrade from what you’re currently using, eBay is offering really amazing prices via their Instant Sale option where they will buy your product outright from you.  eBay buys a plethora of products but have setup this nice landing page showing prices for the most common tablets and similar tech products like phones and e-readers. Continue reading »

Why Do You Donate to Politicians?

In terms of politics, I am kind of a limp noodle.  I know I don’t take enough interest at the local level, where my vote really makes a difference and for the most part I’m pretty happy with the neighborhood I live in and the taxes are pretty fair, roads are in decent shape and quality of life is above the country average.  While I did vote for Obama in 2008 and follow him on Twitter for random updates, this morning’s tweets really pissed me off. I’m aware that he rarely writes them himself, however his campaign does and that’s where my anger is directed for flaunting these numbers, but all politicians are guilty of this.

Barack Obama Twitter

A minute later this was also tweeted:

If you follow me on Twitter you’ve probably already ready my reply.  Some quick math says that 98% of $29.1m is $28,518,000, divide that by $250 is 114,072 people, but it’s probably far more contributors since the tweet indicates or less. Continue reading »

How not to hire a wedding photographer II

The Wedding Photographer

Four and a half long years ago I wrote How not to hire a wedding photographer, an article that was a response to a Craigslist ad about someone who had very unrealistic goals about what they wanted.  In the article I broke down each and every absurd request the person had and gave reasonable answers.  I’m going to attempt to do the same thing with a recent Craigslist ad where a bride is flying off the chain at what she seems to think is a case of hanging out and shooting photos.

The original ad posted to the Seattle Craigslist:

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Make Your Car’s Interior Smell New and Fresh Again in 5 Minutes

I’ve been driving half my life now, being 32 years old and getting my license when I was 16.  One thing I’ve always been keen to do is vehicle maintenance, wanting at one time as a youth to be a mechanic.  What I can’t do myself is usually done by some of my very talented friends, and thankfully none hate me yet when I ask for help.  In my 16 years of driving I’ve also never bought a new car, always a higher mileage used one and the few weeks after purchase are usually followed by routine maintenance because I never trust the seller and want to ensure the car is running up to par.  This is all stuff most garage & driveway mechanics can do themselves.

  • Change oil & filter
  • Adjust tire pressure
  • Fill washer fluid
  • Check all bulbs
  • Check all belts for signs of cracks
  • Replace wiper blades
  • Replace air filter
  • …and on and on

Part of the new-to-me car ritual for myself and many others is the dawning of an air freshener to help cover the smell of rank ass, wet dog or cigarette smoke the previous owner left for you.  I’ve done it myself, standing in the auto parts store or mega box store’s auto section wondering what exactly black ice smells like, or if I am too manly for a clip-on-vent style freshener thus putting me back to the traditional tree section.  There’s a solution for all of this, but it’s in a different isle. Continue reading »

Use Shelf Liner to Stabilize Cutting Boards


There seems to be a million single-use kitchen gadgets to solve all your problems.  I’m a big fan of Alton Brown‘s theory on kitchen tools, the only single-use tool in the kitchen should be a fire extinguisher.  Of the tools I use the most, a cutting board is near the top of the list.  A quick note about cutting boards, they hold true to the old saying bigger is better.  I see friends use these super small cutting boards, mostly because they are easy to store or are cheap and wonder how the hell they manage.  Your cutting board should be at least as big as your biggest knife diagonal on it.  I personally prefer end grain butcher block style boards, without the grooved channels as seen in the photo above, but everyone has a preference.

The biggest problem with nearly any consumer grade cutting board is that they are thin and don’t weigh a lot, because they are meant to be stored off the counter when not in use.  Because of this they can slide around while you’re working on them, especially if there’s a little water or oil on your counter top, causing an unsafe working environment.  A quick fix can be made with non-stick shelf liner, a more green alternative to wetting some paper towels and putting them down and throwing them away after your done.  Best of all, it’s usually at the dollar store, or at nearly any discount store like Big Lots for a few bucks.  It can be cut to any size you want, washed and if it tears, cheaply replaced.  Several other sites also suggest placing kitchen towels under a cutting board, my experience is that the towel is always too big, has to be folded so many times that it makes the cutting surface unstable.

The photo used above also showcases my favorite knives, Global.  Hands down, one of the best investments you can make in a kitchen is a quality chef knife.  There’s little need for a 27 piece knife set, one good chef knife will do 90% of the work you need to do in the kitchen.

eBay’s Hidden Categories: Weird Stuff, Slightly Unusual, Really Weird & Totally Bizarre

eBayI’m a huge fan of eBay, the 5th most popular post on this site was about making money with eBay auctions, so clearly everyone who reads Randomn3ss likes it too.  Last month eBay sent me a nice little email message to thank me for another year of being a member, my 11th year!  1999 I joined, seems like yesterday, time flies.  Anyway, I have a lot of issues with eBay, one of which is that they are driving users to start using Craigslist because they fees are becoming insane, more of my rants can be found here.  Anyway, I still buy stuff on a regular basis because eBay can often be cheaper than local stores and even Amazon when buying items less than $25.  Last night I found some hidden categories that have me scratching my head and subsequently consumed the following few hours of my life.

The parent category is Weird Stuff, and there is just that, a lot of weird stuff.  I did see a bunch of Nazi stuff, which I guess there’s a market for, but then you’ll find something you never knew existed but now need, an egg white separator called A Booger Boy / Snot A Mug.

Booger Boy / Snot A Mug

Within the Weird Stuff category are three more sub-categories, that get stranger. Continue reading »

The Gun Markets of Pakistan

This is totally insane.  It’s sad that most people in the west never see this, and they should.