This was posted through MySpace and I’m reposting here to get a little more exposure for this wonderful cause. It was originally posed by For Mia Fundraiser:

Hello Friends!!

We’re looking for is a graphic designer who can make us flyers. If you design flyers or have anyone you can suggest that would be a big help. However, it has to be donated time, we can’t really pay for anything because all money made goes to Alex’s Lemonade Stand. We need a couple of designs too. One for internet advertising, one that’s 11 x 17 and the standard postcard flyer size 4 x 6. Once you message me I’ll send you all the details needed for the flier.

I also wanted to reach out to photographers because there is an amazing website Flashes of Hope where photogs donate their talents to take pictures of children with cancer with their families. It’s a great way to help each child with their little bald heads to feel beautiful and to have special pictures. It’s a national program so any state you’re in chances are you and your camera can make a difference. If it’s not in your state, you can start a chapter and bring the hope into your city. I can’t do the site justice, just check it out and find out more information there. Some of the pictures of Mia on here are from Flashes of Hope, so check them out!

Thanks for your time.

If you are a graphic designer and interested in helping, please contact Kate through her MySpace profile, For Mia Fundraiser. I know a lot of you out there are photographers, defiantly check out the Flashes of Hope site as well. It only takes a little bit of your donated time and talent to make a world of difference for these families.