Mike Panic: Editor in Chief

Mike has a background in computer and network technology, photography, and web design, spending the last 3 years working in the IT industry and doing freelance photography for various magazines and independent projects. In addition to the Randomn3ss project, he runs several other websites, including a photography forum, iPhotoForum.com, and a deals coupon based website, iLikeCheapStuff.com. In his free time, he enjoys going to the park with is dog Bella, candle lit dinners and long walks on the beach.

His personal website [in need of much updating] is MikePanic.com.

Sofia Sabotage: Author

Sofia is in her mid-twenties and resides in Seattle, Washington and is originally from Northern California. She is a self taught freelance photographer and graphic designer since her late teens and enjoys all types of art forms. Sofia is passionate about music, her nephew and the fight for rights of all walks of life. Sofia has been a dedicated vegetarian for several years and stays up to date and active with multiple animal rights activities. She also enjoys independent films, going to concerts, traveling, collecting art, and coffee houses. Sofia has been known to have a weird sense of humor, a big heart and an open mind.

Her portfolios can be viewed on Flickr and MySpace.

Lauren Libertine: Author

Lauren likes to express herself in many different ways. Primarily she enjoys art, having taken her first art class at age 4. Writing is another form of expression she enjoys but is more of a hobby. She is a full time student in Northern California majoring in Art History and Architecture. In her spare time she swims, runs and bikes to utilize the time her competitive swimming career used to take up.

Her personal profile can be viewed at MySpace.

Ryan: Author

Ryan is a 23-year old professional bum from the Keystone State. He is a percussionist in a 5-piece jazz/funk/fusion project known as Butterjive. To pay the bills, he’s a barista at a privately owned coffee shop. He enjoys creativity, art and anything inspiring. When he’s not creating drinkable pieces of artwork or banging away on his bongos. Ryan can be found wondering around somewhere in the woods, doing who knows what.

Lauren Oujiri : Author

Lauren has a near-gypsy background, having lived in five different states and 3 different regions of the country, has worked in numerous fields and positions (counselor, investigator, trainer, manager of a specialty grocery store, commercial accounts rep), and has widely varying interests, skills and curiosities. Lauren has written for publications in regional entertainment newspapers, an online forum, press releases for various jobs, and does a bit of stock photography, Reiki, and graphic design on the side. Traveling by car, bicycling, dairy-free ice cream, photography, studying why people do the things they do, and appreciating nature are some of her favorite things.

Andy Coffaro: Author

Andy is nearly 30 years of age and currently lives in Santa Cruz, CA. He attended San Jose State University where he received a BA in English while double minoring in Creative Writing and Technical Writing. He works at FortyThree PR as an associate for clients of consumer electronics. He dabbles in music and enjoys running near Seabright Beach (CA) in the morning before the rest of the world is awake.

You can see his juvenile sense of humor by visiting his MySpace page and his professional work bio.

Joel Freimark: Author

First and foremost, Joel is an admitted music obsessive. From jazz to punk to hip hop and everything in between, if it’s good music, he digs it. Thankfully, due to digitizing, he has been able to cut down on the space that his seemingly endless music collection demands. He is currently ensconced in Ohio, but is hoping to find a home somewhere that has more snow and less asphalt. Joel is a professional nerd and is employed by a school district. In his spare time, he enjoys hockey, discussing music with aging alternative icons, and trying to figure out how to speak in the 7th person.

Jessica Baer: Author

Jessica recently fled the North East and currently resides in Austin, TX, home of tiny tangerine houses, infinitesimal Tex-Mex joints and liberal attitudes that would make a staff writer for The Nation blush. On hiatus from graduate studies, she’s focusing on reading some real books, from The Bhagavad Gita to the latest Jonathan Lethem detective novel. Awaiting the start of her new job at the local University, she’s regularly getting herself in a twist on her mat as well as traveling the far reaches of the Humungous state she now calls home. If you need a kick in the pants or desire a fierce friend with a passion for justice (see: opinionated, but not too rude), she’s your woman!

Adrienne Saia: Author

Adrienne Saia, aka “Rager,” quit her job, packed up her Acura, & headed out West. She takes solace in running, skiing, winning, singing poorly, & writing her face off.  She is currently pursuing her MA in Journalism at Colorado while adjusting to the altitude & the lack of Yuengling.  Adrienne is in a fulfilling & committed relationship with Jack Daniels.  She can curse in 7 languages & her favorite mark of punctuation is the ambersand. Feel free to stalk her at her MySpace page.

ElizabethElizabeth Grecco: Author

In her spare time Lizzie likes to walk her dog, obsessively listen to music and can make a mean macaroni and cheese. In her unspare time she is a yogini, office manager and writes stuff down for various publications. She strongly believes that the best way to behave is to misbehave. You can visit her here if you are so concerned.

Tracy Bartley: Author

Tracy is originally from Northern California and has her BA in International Relations from San Francisco State. She will be in several countries across Europe and Asia receiving her Masters in the same discipline from 2008-2009. She is obsessed with music, history, philosophy, travel, religion, people, as well as computer games and science-fiction. She also loves running and dreams of the day she can (will) run her first marathon. Convinced that everything tastes good in shake form, she will take the entire vegetable, fruit, and liquid contents of the fridge and shove them into a blender and call it “breakfast”. She completed her first short story when she was 3 and has been writing ever since. She can be stalked here if you are so inclined.

Keith LemeryKeith Lemery: Author

Keith has traveled to over a dozen countries and has prepared food for several A-List stars, as well as several government officials.  Having spent 20 years as a professional chef, Keith maintains his  passions for food and travel in his writings.   Keith is the Editor of theDisgruntledChef.com, and is a frequent contributor to several blogs including Randomn3ss.com.  Keith resides in upstate NY with his wife and son.