Over the last 7 years or so I have been tinkering with web design and graphics. During this time I have launched and continue to run an extremely large and active forum based photography community. Additionally, I’ve successfully been blogging and started to run a cheap deals site in addition to Randomn3ss. Over the years of running the forum and the blogs, I’ve learned how to create content, drive traffic and monetize each one to make back my hosting costs and more. I no longer build websites, however I am available to hire for various social networking and community aspects of the internet, and doing the back-end installations and coding for them. I’ve installed blogging software, customized and done back end maintenance for several sites, including:

Each blog owner had specific requirements that were met as well as customization of the blogging template and custom plug-ins to make the blog both more functional and visually appealing the viewer.
WordPress installation: $75

I will install and configure WordPress onto your server with your domain name. WordPress is the software that powers this blog and my other blog, in addition to the previously mentioned group. This price will also include theme installation and basic setup of pages, categories, sidebar and several WordPress extensions to help get your blog going. For more details on the extensions, please contact me directly.

Blog maintenance: $60 per hour

Blog maintenance includes but is not limited to:

  • Installing new themes
  • Modifying current themes
  • Changing layouts
  • Customizing sidebars
  • Installing WordPress extensions
  • Backup and restoring MySQL databases within WordPress
  • Transferring content from one web host to another

Time is billed on a per minute basis and you will receive a full invoice detailing what was done and the time spent on each item at the end of the job. Please contact me for a quote prior to hiring me.

Copy writing: $0.125 per word

I am available to write original articles for your site on a wide range of topics for $0.125 per word, 200 word minimum. Articles that are required to be over 1,000 words will be priced at $0.11 per word. Each article will contain original content, and will be the sole property of the purchaser. The only restriction applied is that the content cannot be resold in an e-book or similar fashion.

Web hosting

I do not do web hosting, however I do suggest and recommend DreamHost, as all my sites are currently hosted with them and they are a green, carbon neutral company. You can save $80 on the Crazy Domain Insane Level 1 plan if you prepay for one year by using promo code Randomn3ss on checkout, you will also receive one free domain registration.

Please feel free to contact me regarding just about any aspect of blogging, content creation or what the hell it really takes to run a blog. I’m available to talk shop and want to ensure you will be happy starting and running a blog. All rates are non-negotiable and payable via PayPal. Please use the contact form below to inquire about any service or to hire me, I generally respond within 12 hours, usually less.

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